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The latest 3D technology immerses buyers in a virtual property tour

Recent leaps in visual technology have enhanced the power of the standard real estate campaign. Buyers can now experience a property 'virtually' like never before.

When executed well, digital media creates a strong emotional bond between the buyer and a property, increasing their homeownership desire. The latest Matterport 3D technology gives potential buyers the ability to walk through a property time and time again.

Bring a home to life

Trying to communicate what a home ‘feels’ like can only partially be told through the traditional mediums of photography, video and floorplans. Earlier virtual tours were restricted to one location in the property and the only way you could truly experience the home was to attend an open house inspection.

The 3D Matterport technology has changed all that.

The virtues of a virtual tour

The virtual tour has moved into the 21st century, viewers can now digitally ‘walk’ through each room, experiencing the flow of a home as you would if you were actually there.

The Matterport camera, using exact laser measurements, creates a complete 3D map of the space integrating traditional panoramic stills into the experience. The result is a truly immersive and believable tour of the home, which can also be viewed through a virtual headset like the Oculus Rift.

Targeting the emotional sweet spot

While a virtual tour cannot replace the experience of seeing a property in person, it does give buyers the opportunity to revisit the home without the fuss of an agent attending, or a vendor needing to re-clean and vacate the property.

For agents, this means less time managing repeat viewings and more time prospecting. For buyers, they can conveniently share the property experience with loved ones and continue to build their emotional connection. When marketing any product it is the emotional connection that matters most.

Cutting-edge technology

Campaigntrack’s Matterport cameras offer the latest in advanced 3D rendering and mesh capture capabilities in order to showcase every aspect of a home in HD. This new hardware will help you triangulate your marketing strategy giving greater depth to your property campaigns.

A unique and interactive 3D dolls’ house experience – buyers near and far can tour the property again and again at their leisure.

Campaigntrack is launching the Matterport 3D floorplans service across Australia in 2016. Please use our contact form if you would like to find out more about our 3D floorplans service. One of our sales team will be in touch!

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