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We report back from the world’s biggest real estate conference

Campaigntrack CEO Stefan Williams and Creative Director Janelle Williams, caught up with digital marketing world leaders from Google, Facebook and the industry at large to assess the latest digital offerings in real estate. We outline the top products and trends you need to embrace to remain relevant, and in control, in 2017 and beyond.

Any innovative company worth its salt puts its product and development through rigorous testing. But the process shouldn’t stop there – it’s imperative to compare your solutions with what’s happening on the world stage.

The good news for Campaigntrack, our latest digital products and soon-to-be-released technology stack, deliver the digital marketing solutions the real estate industry is crying out for.

Read on for the latest industry developments and turnkey solutions that will put the marketing control back in your hands.

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CEO Stefan Williams gives a rundown on the top digital marketing trends and our new products.

1. Get on social media and own it!

“Many of the speakers said the usual things about the absolute necessity of being on social media,” Stefan Williams explains. “But the discussions often focused on how to do it yourself because there is a gap in the market, a number of speakers pointed out – just as you have found professional photographers and copywriters – if you are at the peak of your career you need to find somebody who can solve these problems for you.”

This is exactly what Campaigntrack has done with the Visual Social Media solution that delivers high-impact and engaging property content for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all on your behalf and at a cost-effective price.

“What is the better use of your time, being a B or C grade social media commentator or spending your time listening, negotiating and selling?” Stefan points out. “You need a social media solution that reflects your brand and the property strongly, helps your vendor by reaching passive buyers but also helps you get your next listing!”

 2. Don’t be afraid to market yourself and your product

The other key social media marketing message that was pushed throughout the conference was the importance of confidently and authentically marketing yourself and your product.

“It’s important not to mislead the people following you, sharing a soup recipe because it’s winter is not being true to yourself,” Stefan says. “Why not say I do a great job selling houses? What could be more you than what you do? The perfect example of this is, of course, is the actual property you are selling. Supplement it with some personal insights but avoid boring people with every detail of your day… You can be you in a professional context and be the best you can be.”

By promoting your products, the homes you sell, on social media you will help get more people to your open homes and get your vendors more enquiries.

3. A mobile optimised website is a must

Be it a property website or an agent website, mobile optimisation is everything.

“Our own research backs this 100 per cent, for example, 95 to 98 per cent of the Facebook traffic to our VSM products comes from mobile,” Stefan says. “Most people design their websites with desktop in mind first then mobile – the future requires reversal of that thinking! Even if you only ever design a mobile-friendly site you are in a better position when it comes to real estate.”

All our websites, including our Elite Agent Websites to be released this September, have been designed with input from Google headquarters, feature extremely fast loading times and are mobile optimised. There is little point promoting yourself or your listings on social media or Google, if the click-throughs don’t hold their audience.

“Mobile users will abandon a web page in increasing numbers after 3 seconds, if engaging content doesn’t load within this time – and at 8 seconds they are gone. It’s amazing how many sites we come across that take longer than 8 seconds to load, fine for desktop but on mobile it’s lethal,” Stefan says.


A mobile-optimised website, be it property or agent, is a must!

4. Video should be modus operandi

The top agents presenting at Inman were unanimous, video is a powerful listing tool. It turns out you will achieve longer engagement online, get more enquiries, and, depending on your video style, some personal recognition too.

“At Inman a number of speakers were highly successful agents and video was clearly a tool the best agents used to their advantage. They were seriously bewildered as to why more people weren’t using video, it is only a 5 per cent product in the US and, according to our research, a similar percentage here in Australia,” Stefan explains.

“Video improves people’s perception of your brand, particularly if you are able to get on camera. But even if you are shy or the video budget doesn’t allow it, any kind of video provides more content that buyers want to see. It’s a listing and a selling tool – and with so few people using it– a chance for agents and offices to expand their presence. This is a product that is justified as much by the maths as the visual appeal.”

5. Matterport 3D can increase engagement by 300%

The Australian statistics on 3D Matterport are impressive, consider this:

  • Web engagement from online visitors can increase by 300% when visitors see a Matterport 3D tour
  • Home buyers are 60% more likely to email an agent after they’ve seen a property with Matterport
  • Home buyers are 95% more likely to call an agent after they’ve seen a property with Matterport

“Again, the Inman presenters were in disbelief as to why more people didn’t use Matterport 3D technology considering the extra engagement you get,” Stefan says. “The myths around Matterport were debunked too – things like people won’t attend the open home – if anything it’s a technological differentiator, it shows you are offering something different.”

For the price-averse client who wants a comprehensive campaign but doesn’t have the funds upfront, we have an exciting new product soon to be released called CampaignAdvance. This funding option will revolutionise vendor paid advertising, talk to your account manager to find out more.

6. Know your digital landscape and control it

According to Stefan, there was considerable concern expressed at Inman, on a global scale, about portals dominating internet eyeballs.

“Everybody saw that social media and Google advertising are the way to diversify and reclaim your brand, rather than sitting on a site with millions of other names and the portal deciding who sees you and when they see you,” Stefan says.

But the problem remains; how do you become a professional content creator and manage a complex range of advertising technologies when this isn’t your expertise? Well, Campaigntrack is working on that.

“We are currently building the ideal ecosystem that brings all your major digital touch points into communication, this includes social media, Google advertising, e-newsletters and your website content,” Stefan explains.

The imminent release of Campaigntrack’s Google advertising product for the real estate industry combines search engine marketing, display and retargeted advertising and cross pollinates this with social media, search engines and Outbrain. “It’s not just Adwords but a whole technology stack.”

7. Protect your data and make it work for you

The final piece in the puzzle is your precious data. The greater control you have over your digital presence the more valuable data you can collect from your clients and the market at large.

“With all our new products the aim is to collect as much data as possible from each touch point in the ecosystem, data that you will own,” Stefan says. “For example, with our upcoming e-newsletter product, when someone responds, we will be able to dissect their data and know what properties they have looked at on social media and where they have been clicking in Google.”

Talk to your Campaigntrack account manager today about how we can help you take control of your digital marketing presence on a social media, search engine and data level.

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Stefan Williams

CEO of Campaigntrack, Stefan's goal is to connect real estate agencies with the industry's best marketing strategies and suppliers.