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Fletchers Real Estate Director and CEO, Bradley Brown, has built an impressive career, which began well before he entered real estate. From working on the Los Angeles Olympic Committee to senior management roles in accounting, law and technology businesses, he has even developed his own HR model RIRO. After 14 years at the helm of Fletchers and constant requests for guidance – the regular conference speaker and trainer decided it was time to help others achieve their goals. We delve into Bradley’s brand new book and share his key tips for agents wanting to get ahead.

Over the last 25 years Bradley Brown has raised a family of four, consulted to some of Australasia’s top companies and taken Fletchers Real Estate from three offices to 19 – helping turn it into a multi award-winning business. This includes the REIA Large Residential Agency of the Year. He felt it was time to give back, penning his recent book, A Good Man, A Great Dad and A Loving Husband – Every Man’s Guide for a Brilliant Life.

Though written from a male perspective, the book has broad appeal. “I struggled with this as I was writing it, but the only way I could put down on paper how I felt, and the ideas I wanted to share, was from the perspective I have known as a boy and a man. Many women have read the book and reacted in the same way men have. They appreciate the ideas and wisdom.”


Fletchers Real Estate Director and CEO, Bradley Brown.

A key message throughout the book is that you never know the challenges an individual has faced or is facing, it’s more about what a person does with those challenges. Bradley, for example, lost his father when he was very young to mental illness, he was permanently institutionalised.

“The only path it set me on was one of success based on being resilient. I learned very early on that we can have what we want and be what we want, if we want it enough and work through the roadblocks that find their way onto our path,” Bradley explains. “It made me strong, it made me aware, it made me know that if I set intelligent goals for myself, ones within my capabilities, then I could achieve them and that would help me live a brilliant life.”

Bradley runs a Fletchers’ leadership program and over the years it dawned on him, as a society, we are not given guidance on the key issues in life. Instead, we are encouraged to ‘wing it’ through things like our career path, finances, raising kids and relationships.

“Each one of us has one go at life,” Bradley says. “Having goals across the various key areas of your life, such as your career, what sort of parent you want to be, what type of partner you want to have and be, what things you want to do, like travel or sport or fitness goals – can set you up for success.”

Here are some of Bradley’s top tips for a brilliant career and life.

1. Wisdom is everywhere

We all need to learn from people who have been in our shoes before. This is a great way to speed up the success process – leading to better results, more quickly and using less resources. Finding those people or sources of wisdom is not that hard. There are books from experts and TED talks are a wonderful way to learn a great deal in a short period of time.

We all meet people we admire. My experience is most people, when asked in a respectful manner, are more than willing to share some of their own experience and wisdom for nothing. It’s about knowing what you want or need to know.

You can’t do that if you haven’t set goals for yourself, thereby knowing where you want to go and when. Once you have a goal, you can figure out what you need to do to get there. This is where these books and people can play a part. There is a whole section in my book about this planning process.

2. Be nice and you will get more

It’s very simple really, think about who you would want to help… Someone who is kind to you and treats you well, considers you important and makes your day? Or that person who is not kind, is demanding, selfish and only interested in their own agenda?

Kindness should be natural to all of us, but through the nurturing we get growing up, this part of our basic humanity can get lost or diluted. If you were to think everyone you meet is special and deserved to be treated that way – you would find it fairly easy to treat them with kindness and respect. This is turn leads to you getting more in life. It is easier to get what you want, whilst at the same time spreading kindness and making people you come in contact with better off as a result.

3. Appreciate what you have

Most of the time we have seems to be spent accumulating rather than appreciating. The fact is, there is always more you can get, there will always be others with more, you will never have all you want or think you need. But that is a ‘half empty’ approach to life.

If we were to absolutely appreciate what we do have, more than focusing on what we don’t have, we would lead a more brilliant life. Getting to work on crowded trains, trams or through lots of traffic can be a grind if you want to see it that way. Or you can use that time for conversation with your companion, for learning or reading/listening to a great book. I see so many people who are only focused on the outcome, when 95 per cent of the time we have is spent on the journey.

4. Create a life map

If we were to sit down and think about our life: what is more important than what we want out of life and where we want our life to go?

Most people who decide to take a holiday plan it out and list what they want to do on their trip. But how many people take the time to sit down and work out what they want their life to stand for? It has been proven in so many studies that those who plan, and keep those plans ever present, achieve significantly more than those who don’t. It staggers me how many people don’t have a bucket list.

Your book of life is entirely in your court to create, when all is said and done it may not be everything you wanted it to be, but by knowing what it should be in the first place – you have a hope of getting close.

5. Don’t be adverse to adversity

First all of accept the concept that everyone has adversity in their life. It may come in the form of some physical or emotional problem, or mother nature acting up when you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. It may be hitting too much traffic on your way to an important meeting, it can come in all shapes and sizes and often when you least expect it. So, just like everyone else, you will have unexpected or unwanted occurrences in your life.

You can take a ‘half full’ approach and try to get two things out of the situation:
1. for the event or issue to have the minimal amount of negative impact as possible
2. turn it into an advantage and learn from it

The truth is, those who see adversity as part of the journey, as another part of getting to their goal, are those who usually lead a brilliant life. Those who lament over it and let it get the best of them, don’t achieve and have lots of ‘reasons’ why they didn’t get there.

 6. Learn and stay relevant

When we stop learning we die, it’s that simple. Maybe not literally, but from many other angles this is true. Never in history has the need for lifelong learning been more relevant than it is today. With the pace of change ever quickening and the nature of change being more unpredictable, those who don’t embrace continuous improvement will not live the life they were hoping for.

Today, we have so many choices as to how we can learn, there is no excuse not to learn at every opportunity. I make sure that my learning is balanced with recreation. I love to read and listen to audiobooks or Podcasts. I ensure that I have a blend of these on the go, some for learning and some just for the heck of it.

7. Build your toolbox

Many years ago my late father-in-law taught me about renovating homes (seven in total), he said with the right tool any job is easy. Over my life’s journey I have had the opportunity to learn and have chosen to take full advantage of that. I’ve picked up pieces of wisdom from many prominent business people, who I’ve had the privilege to spend time with, I consider these pearls of wisdom my tool box for a brilliant life.

I have accumulated valuable concepts, which I apply regularly throughout my day, to help me consistently evaluate what I encounter. From here I can work to achieve the best possible result for me, my company or family as the case may be.

An example of this is: Idea and Implementation

This is one of my favourite concepts, and it continually guides my actions. There is really only ‘idea’ and ‘implementation’ when you think about it. Everything we do starts with an idea and ends by being implemented. The power of understanding this is immense.

Something as simple as getting dressed must start with the idea of what you are getting dressed for and then you go about getting ready.

Many times in your life you will have ideas about what you want to do to create a more brilliant life. These ideas can be rated from 1 to 10, with 10 having the greatest potential impact. If, for example, you had the idea you wanted to change career paths, this would be classed as a major impact idea, like a 10.

How well you then go about setting yourself up for that new career and moving into it, is all about the implementation. It doesn’t matter how good the idea is, if you don’t implement it well you won’t get much back. When we evaluate new projects or initiatives we consider the maximum impact we could get from this particular idea. We prioritise our resources to focus on those initiatives, which, if implemented effectively, will give us the highest impact results.

If you have a 7 idea and implement it to a 10 level, then you get a 70 result. If you have a 10 idea and don’t implement it well, say to a 5, then you only get a 50 result. All worthwhile ideas can be winners or losers, depending on implementation.

Conversely, if you have an idea that is ultimately not that great – and will not do much for you or your company – then even if you implement it well, you will still be disappointed by its impact. The key is to prioritise ideas with the highest rating, then go about implementing them with maximum effort to maximise your results. In other words, a 10 idea deserves a 10 implementation.

You can learn more about Bradley Brown’s book or order one in time for Christmas at or by following him on Facebook at

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