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Can email really win you more listings and help close more sales? Heck yes! ActivePipe is the shiny new kid on the email block and its making principals and agents smile. Find out why...

Every agency has an email platform, some have multiple. Staff often wrestle with the time, expertise and deadlines required to get regular content broadcasts out. Achieving consistency, frequency, brand alignment and ‘content relevance’ can be extremely difficult. Sending relevant emails that have high open rates is critical.
Campaigntrack has had an Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) roadmap for some time, and when we came across ActivePipe’s impressive product, we decided to partner rather than build. Simply put, ActivePipe is the best EDM platform for real estate – bar none.
Let’s talk engagement and trackability; ActivePipe emails have higher open rates and collect more information, which will enrich your database. Their ‘Auto’ product provides significant long-term engagement with your customer base and automates appropriate response and engagement throughout the customer journey. Buyers, sellers, and lookers alike – short and long term – all have a place in the ActivePipe ecosystem.
Campaigntrack‘s strategic partnership with ActivePipe facilitates a premium and expert turn-key solution. Its a powerful component of our Advanced Internet Marketing Ecosystem. The ROI is a no-brainer… Together the solution is revolutionary.

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Stefan Williams

CEO of Campaigntrack, Stefan's goal is to connect real estate agencies with the industry's best marketing strategies and suppliers.