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The only Australian drone company dedicated to real estate

Drone photography and video tie the pieces together in your property campaign, they tell a compelling visual story. Incredible aerial perspectives, hard-to-reach angles and suburb overviews dramatically increase buyer interest.

Combining Alphaflight’s years of drone experience with Campaigntrack’s extensive network of in-house editors, account managers and customer support staff, you can now book Campaigntrack Drones as you would any other Campaigntrack service.

Currently available in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and other key regions along the entire East Coast; a national rollout is planned, in-line with maintaining premium levels of service that ensure quality results every time.

Extraordinary aerial shots come standard with Campaigntrack Drones.

Extraordinary aerial shots come standard with Campaigntrack Drones.

Campaigntrack Drones in action

A state-of-the-art Campaigntrack Drones multi-rotor system in action.

What Campaigntrack Drones offers

  • All our drone operators are CASA licensed and hold Public Liability Insurance
  • Pilots are trained and approved by our central operating base in Sydney
  • In-house editing and quality control systems approved by leading Australian agencies
  • State-of-the-art drone technology, capturing high-resolution photos and up to 4k video
  • Flexible flight times and bookings made conveniently through the Campaigntrack system
  • 24-hour turnaround for drone photography and 48-hour turnaround for drone video
  • Exclusive real estate drone supplier

Free yourself from the limitations of helicopter photography and experience the creativity, reliability and cost efficiency of Campaigntrack Drones. Flexible booking times, unique low-level angles and elevated location shots for results that have not been possible until now.

Paul Cooper, Principal of Coopers Agency in Sydney, attributes Campaigntrack’s drone footage to the phenomenal increase in property video views. “In the 9 years we’ve been shooting videos on all properties we’ve never once come anywhere near this Birchgrove property’s hits. We have had almost 8,000 views on the video across its listings. Previously, our highest views on a video would have been less than 1,000.”

For Phil Vanstone of Stone Real Estate in Sydney’s Pittwater area, drone footage has achieved some incredible results. “This Church Point home had been on and off the market for three and a half years – I sold it within one week off the back of the drone video and new photos, it was quite amazing really.”

Many of the people buying into the Pittwater area have not owned a lifestyle property and so Phil focuses on telling an emotive story. “The drone videos I use show the overall vista of the home and how that translates into the lifestyle of the area, it is an emotional way to get the message across,” Phil explains. “You get great bang for your buck and I’ve had great success with it, so I won’t be changing my strategy.”

Talk to the Campaigntrack team today and book your next drone shoot!

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Josh Brookes-Allen

Josh Brookes-Allen is the Managing Director and Chief Pilot of Campaigntrack Drones. With years of real estate drone experience, Josh is responsible for managing the national roll-out of Campaigntrack Drones' services. He can usually be found flying drones down at the park, calling it "work".