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A complete Chinese language advertising, branding and communications solution

In partnership with Australia’s number one Chinese property portal, we have developed the complete marketing package that will connect you with Chinese investors here and overseas.

Every vendor, agent and principal knows how important the Chinese-speaking market is today. Campaigntrack has entered into a unique partnership with Australia’s most popular Chinese language property portal. Here are a few fast facts about

  • 309,507 unique visits per month
  • an average audience session lasts 7.5 minutes
  • 58% Australian Chinese traffic
  • 42% International traffic

Our highly affordable Chinese language marketing solution includes; campaign translation, property listing, company page with current listings, Chinese phone and email communications and brochures in Chinese.

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China Connect gives you a best-practice marketing solution for reaching Chinese investors.

Chinese language conversion

Chinese language translation, especially in relation to property, is a skill best left to the experts. We take your brochure contents from within Campaigntrack and use it to create the heading, description and details on your listing, as well as your Chinese language brochure. website listing

As Australia’s most popular Chinese language property portal, is the best place to list your property in order to reach Australian buyers, as well as influence overseas buyers. There are two levels of exposure: Standard & Premium.

Chinese communication & translation

By ensuring phone and email enquiries are answered in Chinese, your selling agent is instantly connected with Chinese-speaking buyers. Correspondence translation and forwarding comes standard with this service.

All enquiries are answered and interpreted in Chinese on your behalf.

All enquiries are answered and interpreted in Chinese on your behalf.

Chinese brochures

Your existing Campaigntrack brochure artwork is used as a template and converted into a Chinese version. You will receive a standard web-resolution PDF and also receive a low-cost option to print high-quality brochures.

WeChat promotion (Extended Connect)

Leverage the power of the wildly popular WeChat social media platform – this will propel your property campaign further.

What’s included?

  • Chinese language translation of your property copy
  • Listing on the #1 website with Standard or optional Premium listing (Extended Connect)
  • Company details & listings page on
  • Phone and email answered in Chinese with correspondence translation/communication with selling agent/office (optional dedicated phone number)
  • Email PDF Chinese version of your property brochures
  • WeChat promotion of your property (Extended Connect)
  • Optional printed Chinese language property brochures

A turn-key solution that is immediately scaleable, this product places your listings, agents and agency in the best-practice category for the Chinese investors’ market. Ready to reach out? We’d love to talk… in Chinese.

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