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The qualities you need to look for when recruiting real estate agents

Real estate agents are tasked with a huge responsibility – to help clients find a new house or expand their investment portfolio and/or sell their current property. With such high stakes, it’s imperative that the individuals your company hires be qualified for the job and in tune with buyers’ desires and expectations.

A great agent will help clients seamlessly navigate the potentially daunting market, and in turn advance the reputation of your business. There are some key traits to keep in mind when searching for high-performing real estate professionals to join your team:

Real estate recruitment – how to spot a top performer

1. Commitment

It’s vital that the candidate you hire be committed to the job as well as to their clients. As a business owner you will want an agent who follows up every potential lead and deal until closure. They should be readily available to address client concerns, and accessible throughout each stage of the property buying/selling process. This individual is devoted to their work and motivated by success – a winning combination.

2. Natural marketer

A flair for marketing is crucial for those within the real estate field. The person you recruit should be able to market themselves and the property they represent. In today’s digital age, it’s easier than ever to establish a social media presence. As ambassadors for your brand, agents who promote themselves and their work in a positive light – online and offline – will help increase the exposure of your business.

3. Honesty

Honesty is a trait that all employers should covet. Clients will appreciate a realtor who is straightforward with them and who will reasonably manage their buying and selling expectations. The ideal is someone sincere who will ensure nothing is lost in translation, making each experience easier for all involved. An honest person will also be truthful with you and their colleagues; there will be little room for misunderstandings or conflict.

4. Goal orientated

Sales goals may be set for an individual or there may be an overall team target that needs to be achieved by all team members, including the team leader, for agents to receive their commission. With most real estate agencies offering agents a set base salary and a commission structure based on whether or not they achieve these sales targets, being goal orientated and motivated by dollars will not only mean a higher take home salary for an agent but it will also result in more profits for your business. By checking for proof of previous sales targets being not only achieved, but beaten, in reference checks you will get a good idea of how an agent works and what you can expect. Someone with proven know-how in the field (and the references to show it) is a safer investment for your agency. Additionally, the more experience they have, the more likely it is that they can hit the ground running with established connections that will be helpful to your clients and your business.

5. A people person

In real estate, someone who is friendly, a good networker and adept at dealing with others will go far. Clients want an agent they enjoy dealing with, so hiring a candidate who is likeable is a must. An agent who is a people person will also be able to extract more information from potential clients to get a greater picture of what it is they’re looking for. In an interview with real estate trainer and coach, Tom Panos, industry veteran, John McGrath, discussed some of the common traits he felt successful real estate agents had. The trait he felt that was probably the most important to succeed in some ways was an ability to connect with people. As an employer in real estate, John considers questions such as “Can they connect? Are they interesting people? Are they aligned with their true-self or are they inauthentic?” and he also confirmed that he would hire more for attitude and less for skill.

The hiring of a new realtor is an exciting time for your agency, but it can be stressful without the proper guidelines. By identifying the traits to look for in a successful agent you can ease the process and ensure every hire you make adds value to your business.

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