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How a CRM system can increase your business’s productivity and profitability

Many experienced real estate agents have their own methods for keeping track of client records, marketing leads and data. While this may work for the individual, for a company it’s not ideal.

As technology develops, many real estate companies are using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software – such as, Box + Dice or Port Plus – to record all that knowledge and ultimately increase their profits.

Follow up leads

Perhaps the best feature of a CRM system is the ease with which you can follow up leads. Agents in your office can store all their information in one place, create appointments, set notifications for follow-up calls and more. Also, because it’s in a centralised location, all your employees can use the system to help someone on the spot by sharing client information for optimum results and obtaining access to details even if a colleague is in a meeting, at an appointment, sick, on holiday or no longer at the company.

Increase marketing effectiveness

All too often the marketing team of a company is seen as separate to the rest of the business. This means that the property marketing and advertising material it produces doesn’t match up with the requirements or objectives of the real estate agents, and that you often spend a lot of money without much return on investment. Having a CRM system allows the marketing team to have access to the most up-to-date data and information that the agents are using, so everyone is working from the same position and towards the same goals. Marketers working in real estate can utilise agents’ information in a CRM system regarding current customers’ demographics to help determine if the marketing team should be focusing on targeting buyers or sellers. They can also access details about the kinds of properties people are selling at certain times of year and what types of mortgages people are looking for, helping to inform their marketing campaigns and topics for any content creation.

Goal tracking

Setting goals for agents is a great way to motivate them to hit higher sales figures, and putting these into a CRM is an easy way to track progress. Also, the CRM lets workers easily organise their workload and set targets so they can visualise what they need to do and by when.

Repeat success

If you have a handful of real estate agents who regularly outperform the rest of your staff there’s probably a good reason why. While they may be keen to keep their processes to themselves to secure the best bonuses, a savvy company wants that knowledge and information shared. By analysing data in a CRM you can find out what makes the best agents tick, and share your findings with those who don’t achieve the same figures.

For the best results choose a CRM that you can integrate with your marketing and account software. Campaigntrack has the ability to work with a number of different CRMs, so get in touch to learn more about how you can grow your business with the right systems.

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