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A strategic LJ Hooker Salisbury case study – kicking social media goals

A comfortable four-bedroom home, one promoted Facebook post and a Unique Property Website. The results? One hundred and twenty comments, more than 3000 views, approximately 1000 clicks and a bumper open house for sales agent Ryan Stapleton. This is how Campaigntrack's social media marketing can propel your real estate campaign.

Ryan Stapleton has been with the highly regarded LJ Hooker office in Salisbury, Adelaide, for three years. Coming from a customer service role in the building industry, Ryan’s focus is on what is best for the client.

“I understand the importance of my sales role and that it is a major event for my clients, my aim is to make it a simple process for them,” Ryan explains. “The most important thing is what benefits the client and we’ve immediately seen with Campaigntrack’s social media marketing that we’ve had enquiries coming from the campaign, we’ve had phone calls coming from the campaign and people attending open homes from the campaign.”

Ryan Stapleton sales agent with LJ Hooker in Salisbury.

Ryan Stapleton sales agent with LJ Hooker in Salisbury, Adelaide.

Along with online marketing for this four-bedroom family home located in Parafield Gardens, Ryan invested in social media marketing. It makes sense, right? The average Australian spends eight and a half hours a week on Facebook alone, so why wouldn’t you promote your listings there?

“I think Facebook is a good platform for promoting property because there are a lot of people on there now and it’s right in front of their eyes,” Ryan says. “We had been putting properties on Facebook previously and running some ads, but the results were nothing like what we achieved with Campaigntrack. One of the biggest things I like about the product is the property landing page [website], it’s very professional and the next level of what we were doing.”

By booking our turnkey social media solution, Ryan saw impressive results for his vendors within a very reasonable budget. While anyone can put a post on Facebook, Campaigntrack has developed a unique approach and its own technology to produce a far better result than the average user could hope to do. Here’s how:

The Campaigntrack social media process

You can book social media like any other product. We carry out a one time onboarding process where we create social media artwork templates tailored to your brand.

They look more polished than a normal post and are carefully crafted to achieve high user engagement. This helps your property stand out and ensures your brand looks as good in Facebook as it does in any other marketing material. To further boost the campaign, we place Facebook ads on your property using big data-powered targeting that propels your reach.

The campaign content flows straight into a ‘mobile perfected’ Unique Property Website, this is the bedrock of your social media campaign. Mobile optimisation is essential as 95 – 98% of traffic comes from mobile, so as Facebook users click to the website, they have a much better and faster experience. Viewers can engage with all your property’s content, including photos, floorplan, description, video, 3D tour, Google maps and more.

We do the heavy lifting for you: “My administration staff said it was very simple to setup and easy to make updates like open times,” Ryan says.


Campaigntrack’s customised and boosted Facebook post for Ryan’s property.

“I think it’s good value, you get a lot of exposure and I like the fact followers are seeing it from the LJ Hooker Salisbury Facebook page,” Ryan says. “In just two days, we received four calls, five email enquiries and five people at the open home who had seen it on Facebook – that’s outstanding, I think it’s a really great achievement.

“This is absolutely something I will look at upgrading over other avenues. The clients were blown away when I showed them the campaign results and compared it to previous Facebook campaigns we had run.”

The amazing campaign results.

The amazing campaign results: 121 comments, 5 shares, over a 1,000 post clicks.

Why we use an Unique Property Website

When someone clicks on a social media ad or post, it’s paramount that the click isn’t wasted. Sites that load too slowly, or that aren’t specifically designed to encourage further interest can lose your valuable traffic in a few seconds.

The Unique Property Website sits at the heart of our Advanced Internet Marketing (AIM) solution. It was designed in conjunction with Google, loads in about three seconds, encourages viewer engagement and takes advantage of Google’s advertising technology. This includes Google Search, Display and Retargeted Marketing (an optional Advanced Internet Marketing add-on).

We are able to tag any visitor to your property website. This means we can follow them across the internet and retarget them with your property or agent display ads. “I like this direction and I see it myself – I might look at a TV on the Harvey Norman website and then I will see the TV appear on another page. I think if it’s the way we need to move ahead in the industry, then it’s a good thing,” Ryan says.

5 Joes Court, the Unique Property Website for Ryan's listing,

5 Joes Court, the Unique Property Website for Ryan’s listing,

The Google Display Network covers some two million sites and 90% of internet users. So while your potential client is browsing the news, up pops your property or agent ad just like fate. We can also target internet users who fit your buyer audience, irrespective of whether they’ve visited the property website, using big data.

The final piece in the Google puzzle is search engine advertising. Search ads appear in the Google search results when people are browsing for property information directly in Google. Research shows 68% of Australian search users do this. You can only run multiple property search ads with a unique website address (URL). This can’t be done from an agency website page.

A new marketing era: Advanced Internet Marketing (AIM)

The real estate industry is going through a transformation. Many brands and agents have become worried about their online visibility, which for some may be a generic information page on a busy property portal. Social media marketing allows you to access people while they are socialising, and Google advertising while they are virtually anywhere on the web.

It is time to organically integrate your real estate marketing into people’s ever-connected online world. This will sell your client’s property, help boost your brand and get that next listing.

We will be releasing more details about our exciting AIM solution very soon. Talk to your account manager today to find out more about Campaigntrack’s social media capabilities.

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