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The formula for creating content that gets read and shared

Great content marketing doesn’t come easily. You need to understand your audience, target the right media platforms and generate information that is helpful and worthy of sharing.

While the real estate industry is a unique business the same rules apply for creating content that will be read and shared.

US-based content analysis platform Buzzsumo, recently conducted a study of over 100 million blog posts, to find out the formula for success. They identified several key pointers that can easily be applied to the world of real estate content marketing.

Here are the rules you should keep in mind when creating blogs and other content for distribution to your client network, future prospects and the marketplace in general.

1. People go crazy for pictures

It’s easy to forget that the term ‘content’ doesn’t just cover text. It can apply to videos, infographics and photographs. The results of the study into blogs that went viral found posts that included at least one image had a higher number of shares across social media compared to those without.

This is great news for the real estate industry and all the more reason to engage the best graphic designers, photographers, videographers and retouchers to create irresistible images.

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Images play a big role in getting readers to click and engage.

2. Great headlines rule

The headline at the top of this post didn’t get there by accident. It was carefully considered and created to optimise the chances of you clicking on it to read more.

Good headlines grab attention and convince the reader that they ‘need to know’ what’s beyond the link. Research has found that words like ‘How’, ‘Why’ and ‘What’ are winners when it comes to headlines because they pique reader curiosity and tempt them into finding out more.

3. When in doubt – write long and write a list

A surprising result of Buzzsumo’s research was that articles longer than one thousand words are shared more than shorter ones. The takeaway advice given by the researchers is to aim for at least two thousand words per post.

This does not mean length was the only ingredient in these successful posts’ results – articles still need to be engaging, thoroughly researched and highly informative.

Blog writing content marketing - Campaigntrack

A catchy heading and easy to read format are important for mobile devices.

There’s also no point in attempting to write extensive essays if you don’t have the time to do it well. If you’re strapped for time and resources, stick with what you know and keep your content in list form. Telling someone about the ‘Five essential steps before you list your property’ or ‘Ten ways to win at auction ” gives them practical, helpful information that won’t take too long to read.

According to Buzzsumo, lists give the readers an exact idea on what to expect. They’re also skim-friendly and easy to read – perfect for an audience that is as short on time as you are. One last ‘list’ tid bit, on average lists of 10 received the most social shares.

4. Get by with a little help from your friends

The more people who share your content, the more other people will see it and read it. To increase the likelihood of your content being shared – interview, quote or reference thought leaders who are influential in your field. The next step is to tag them or use their hashtag when you promote your content or blog on social media.

It is a mutually beneficial arrangement. If you represent the interviewee faithfully and in high regard, they’ll share your content with their own audience and you can end up with over 30 per cent more traffic to your post.

Blog writing content marketing - Campaigntrack

Engagement and sharing of content are the keys to a successful blog.

5. Post more than once

It’s not possible to reach all your users with every post you publish. Buzzsumo recommends sharing the same content across your social media around a week later, to give your statistics a boost….

By investing in well-planned, relevant and credible industry content, that answers your target audience’s questions, you will improve your business’s reputation, build relationships and increase your online footprint.

Another important consideration in your content marketing journey is creating an attractive and user-friendly location to house all your online content. To learn more about blog creation, developing your own agent website, or have your content marketing queries answered, contact our Social Media team at Campaigntrack.

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