How a content marketing strategy can increase the conversion of your sales leads

Content marketing is a must-have for real estate businesses today. Each business needs to develop a content strategy spanning all channels through which they interact with clients, prospects and the broader community.

A considered and well-executed content marketing strategy can not only generate high-quality sales leads, but also nurture them until they become clients.

The dilemma

How can a real estate business build a winning content marketing strategy in an environment where traditional channels such as print and physical outlets must complement a range of online services, including websites, microsites, mobile applications, mobile-optimised websites, and advertising on third-party websites?

Publish advice to build trust

First, businesses need to recognise that most potential buyers look to the internet to identify properties of interest. They also typically require some expert help – they want honest advice, recommendations and to establish a relationship with their agent based on trust. So while search engine marketing and advertising campaigns can deliver high-quality traffic to your business, content marketing takes it one step further by rewarding visitors with valuable information and helps convert them into revenue making clients.

Choose a ‘happy’ medium

One of the major challenges of any real estate content marketing strategy is that potential buyers and sellers are diverse groups of people – so how do you serve everyone’s interests and needs? Younger people may be comfortable dealing with a real estate business through web chat and other digital tools, whereas older clients may want to deal with a real estate professional face-to-face regularly.

A content marketing strategy can accommodate these differences by identifying common traits shared by individual customer groups, and delivering resources that target these. For example, young soon-to-be-parents may welcome an online guide to ensuring a house is equipped for a baby’s needs, whereas an ageing couple may welcome a printed guide to local health resources in the community.

Be adaptable to your audience’s interests

Of course, the content marketing strategy should recognise that creating customer ‘personas’ should not devolve into stereotyping or condescension. It should be flexible enough to accommodate individuals’ personal preferences.

Content marketing keeps you front of mind

As well as creating resources, a real estate business needs to be present across all channels that clients or prospects use to solicit advice or research options. The content itself can range from in-depth market updates to write-ups or reposts of information that reinforces the agency as a key member of the local community.

Individual real estate professionals can also build their personal brands by writing blogs that, for example, give advice about different stages of the selling cycle. By regularly contributing in the digital world, a real estate professional can create an online presence that keeps them front of mind when people consider their property options.

Understand each step of the journey

Email is another channel that can be used to nurture leads, but must be used judiciously. By separating clients and prospects into groups based on where they are in the selling cycle, a real estate business can tailor content to be particularly relevant.

Measure results to continuously improve

Finally, by recording where leads originate in customer relationship management and sales tracking systems, a real estate business can track the effectiveness of its content marketing activities. This can enable a business to fine-tune articles to improve future results. Automating its lead generation tracking processes can also help the business determine when to follow up leads to ensure they remain viable.

Real estate businesses that implement a well thought through, high-quality content marketing strategy will garner more interest in their services and in turn, secure more clients. This will improve reputation, generate respect within the community and among rivals, and ultimately boost profitability.

Don’t squander the potential of your knowledge and know-how. Develop a content marketing strategy that can nurture every new lead until they become your next client.

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Scott Anderson

As National Sales Director at Campaigntrack, Scott Anderson regularly presents clients with new marketing innovations, products, services and strategies to improve their performance and their bottom line.