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Superior artwork templates that will enhance and protect your brand

Gone are the days of time consuming (not to mention expensive!) artwork production for your marketing. For anyone in real estate managing the quality, consistency and volume of your property collateral is a daily challenge. Automating advertising design using artwork templates is just one piece in the puzzle, at Campaigntrack our online design offers so much more.

Did you know Campaigntrack was one of the first software providers to automate design with online templates two decades ago? Our advantage is that we listen to our clients’ needs and constantly innovate in order to maximise the user experience.

Campaigntrack’s template system sits at the heart of our supplier management, artwork production and media booking software.

This is how the system works and why the leading agencies across Australia and New Zealand rely on Campaigntrack.


Using a simple form on the left, you can edit or choose to auto populate your artwork templates.

The templates

A talented team of graphic designers experienced in real estate design create artwork templates tailored to each advertising medium you book. This includes signboards, mailcards, brochures, newspaper, magazine and online advertising.

Not only do the major media outlets license our software but after two decades in the business our strong industry relationships mean we are on top of current advertising pricing and specs – we monitor these on your behalf.

Most importantly, the templates are designed to lock in and protect all creative aspects of your brand. Colours, fonts, logo, layout, image and copy requirements are set in stone according to your brand guidelines and creative direction.


Lock in your brand guidelines, create consistency and save time!

Easy to use? You bet

Team members can be trained up in Campaigntrack very quickly, which means anyone from entry level to senior team members can login confidently. Our user-friendly system is intuitive, fast and simple.

Artwork is created in minutes and there is no double handling of information. Once you enter the campaign details, such as copy, photos and sale instructions, it auto populates across the required templates. As simple as filling out a form, this reduces the risk of errors and saves you time and money. It is also possible to flow data directly from your CRM into Campaigntrack.

We are big believers in improving efficiency through integration, along with your CRM, your supplier and media networks are connected to Campaigntrack so you are able to automate supplier management and media bookings.

Unique benefits

  1. Create campaign drafts: our system is so efficient you can quickly mock-up artwork examples and quotes for vendors and manage the draft approval process through Campaigntrack. Final artwork PDFs are then sent directly to suppliers/media outlets.
  2. Brand partnership: backed by 300+ employees you will receive a dedicated account team who are trained in all aspects of your brand. We take our role of brand custodian very seriously, which is why the biggest names in the industry trust us to manage thousands of templates on their behalf.
  3. Rebrand support: we have consulted on and guided some of the biggest real estate brands through their rebrand journey.
  4. Track VPA and agency marketing spend: Campaigntrack offers a convenient campaign reporting system. You can track vendor payments and integrate cloud-based accounting software.
  5. Market-leading security and reliability: our system is cloud-based and available 24-hours, seven days a week. We deliver exceptional uptime and our servers are housed in a secret, bomb-proof data centre.

Campaigntrack’s online design offers so much more than an artwork generator, we enable you to manage your entire marketing ecosystem in one place. An end-to-end solution that will take your business to the next level.

Talk to our friendly team today and find out what we can do for you.

Fast facts
*removes the need for a graphic designer
*locks in and enforces brand guidelines
*single entry of campaign data
*produces artwork in minutes
*suppliers can track orders and upload creative assets to the system
*straightforward media booking interface
*artwork approval is automated and delivered directly to end user
*fail safe technology and VIP customer service.

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