Internet Marketing

The Advanced Internet Marketing solution is unique to Campaigntrack. Its an ecosystem of products and services that designed to give Agent & Agencies incredible firepower and control over their digital marketing, with almost no effort. Many agencies have become almost completely dependent upon the major property portals for their internet strategy, which leaves them highly exposed.  Each component in the A.I.M. suite can be used independently, or together for even better effect.

Google + Facebook – the most powerful and successful advertising and marketing platforms on the planet are ready to be unleashed to the real estate sector.  Campaigntrack’s Advanced Internet Marketing product range powers your listing inquiries, sales and brand marketing like never before.

Property A.I.M.

Campaigntrack's Property A.I.M. delivers hundreds of thousands of ads per property with hundreds of clicks to the Unique Property Website. Combining Google and Facebook, with big-data and retargeting is a powerhouse combination that is changing the way property is marketed, away from sole dependence on traditional portals.

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Agent A.I.M.

A uniquely powerful product that costs less than a monthly letterbox drop. It combines a state-of-the-art Elite Agent Website with Google and Facebook monthly marketing to keep you front of mind for sellers and buyers in your area.

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ActivePipe - electrifies Email

Most agencies don't do email either well nor consistently. ActivePipe changes that, and massively improves your customer database along the way. Connect with more clients with more relevance, spend your time on the most valuable conversations, and proactively engage. Thats the ActivePipe solution.

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VidPak - Social Media Video

Ignite your sales & listings enquiries! One super low price gets two videos, one to help sell your listing and one when its sold to trumpet your success and attract more sellers. Built for sharing on social media, you need to check this out!

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PortalStage - Control your digital marketing timeline.

Campaigntrack's PortalStage automates the process of ensuring your direct branded marketing comes first. This is portal loading reinvented... Major portals are automatically loaded after your own social media, sign, email, google have a chance to work. This is great for vendors, creating another pressure point and soliciting first offers sooner, and its great for driving your brand and database signups.

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