Why agencies need to get on board Pinterest

Real estate is all about visualisation and design. Therefore, it makes sense that agencies take full advantage of Pinterest, a digital marketing platform that relies on images.

Pinterest is a site that allows users to save and organise images and videos from across the web. When used correctly, Pinterest can become an invaluable resource for promoting your business.

How does it work?

Creating a profile and getting started is as simple as going to, entering your email and choosing a password. Users can then construct ‘boards’, usually categorised by interests, and fill these with unlimited ‘pins’, which are videos and images found online. To put it in easily understood terms, the ‘board’ serves as a headline while the ‘pins’ can be considered bullet points, each lending themselves to the bigger picture.

Why is Pinterest helpful?

Pinterest is such an important digital property marketing tool for real estate agencies because it uses images, and images best capture the attention of potential clients.

Additionally, members of the Pinterest community can ‘re-pin’ links from other members’ boards, thus increasing the exposure of specific content and its corresponding users. This means that if you post something interesting from your business’s account, you are likely to gain plenty of positive attention throughout the Pinterest community, which will translate into tangible leads. Don’t forget to add hashtags either – two or three keywords or phrases will allow your audience to more easily discover your pins.

So, what you should be pinning?

What you can pin is limitless, but as a real estate agency it’s necessary to approach the medium strategically. Make sure to design boards that provide useful information to clients: this will establish your business as a thought leader in the field. Ask yourself what your clients would like to see. What will help or entice them? What will encourage them to repin?

Examples of boards that should be standard include house listings featuring highlights of certain properties, photos of your agents/team photos, photos from relevant events you attend/host and interesting images from local neighbourhoods/surrounding areas. But there’s much more to it than that. You need to give your account something unique – a draw that will attract the masses.

Spice things up with boards featuring luxury houses, interesting architecture, ugly or rare homes and celebrity homes. The inside matters, too: home buyers will appreciate boards with decorating ideas and interior DIY/renovation tips. Once you get a feel for your audience you can amend as necessary.

Want to up the ante and increase your follower numbers? Introduce a group board and invite people across the business or the wider industry to add relevant fresh and exciting pins that appeal to your audience and encourage repinning. Also consider adding a plug in to your site that allows you to apply to Pinterest for rich pins. This will dramatically enhance the aesthetic appeal of your pins, and make people want to share them even more.

It’s clear that Pinterest is an essential tool in your agency’s digital marketing structure. When managed wisely, the platform will produce real, measurable results.

An investment of time and some creativity is all it takes to become a Pinterest pro. Happy pinning!

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Stephanie Fuller

Stephanie Fuller holds a Master’s Degree in Journalism and specialises in creating engaging content across print and digital media. With a keen interest in the world of real estate, architecture and interior design, Stephanie strives to provide useful, compelling information for homebuyers and sellers.