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Campaigntrack's PortalStage automates the process of ensuring your direct branded marketing comes first. Major portals are automatically loaded after your own social media, sign, email, google & your own website have a chance to work. This is great for vendors, creating another pressure point and soliciting first offers sooner, and it's great for driving your brand and database signups.

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Traditional portals hate the thought of not getting the listing first. It’s easy to figure out why. If you can reach a large part of your market first, and directly, it starts to erode the notion that all you need is the portals. As part of Campaigntrack’s Advanced Internet Marketing (AIM) ecosystem, PortalStage is perhaps the easiest thing you can do to gain the upper hand in your digital marketing efforts. In short, it gives you more & better database signups, more direct contact with buyers and sellers, and puts you in the driver’s seat.

Whilst some may suggest that this approach is not in the interests of the Vendor, nothing could be further from the truth. PortalStage gives your vendor an advantage with an additional pressure point that invites solid offers to ‘take the listing off the market’. ¬†Any solid interest from your initial brand exclusive marketing will want to ensure that the listing doesn’t get further advertised on the traditional portals – and a great offer is often the result. This sets a solid price-point for the balance of the campaign.

CampaignStage is an enhancement to Campaigntrack’s portal loading capability, which makes staged loading to portals completely automatic. You simply set the delay, and approve the portal data up-front. Campaigntrack’s platform does the rest.

Direct marketing efforts such as emailing your contact list (see ActivePipe!), Advanced Internet Marketing with Google + Facebook, and of course your own website and sign – they get the chance to work first.

The end result is more & better branding, possibly a better sale price, more & better database subscriptions.

Campaigntrack portal loading goes one better again, with ActiveContent. This feature allows selecting more than one hero image. Campaigntrack then changes the hero image daily to prevent ad-fade and drive more click-throughs.

Oh, and PortalStage is included free with Campaigntrack’s Advanced Internet Marketing suite*.

Talk to your Account Manager or contact us for more details.


*Terms & conditions apply of course.

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