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On brand and on target, quality copywriting says it all

Real estate copywriting excellence should be a given. Print, signboards, social or search engine marketing, copy is the backbone of your property campaign. Campaigntrack’s copywriters will elevate your brand and property with fact-driven, flawless copy.

What matters to you when you book a copywriter? Expertise, customer service, a local understanding of your brand and property?

At Campaigntrack our highly experienced team of scribes takes the time to capture your brand’s unique appeal and the property’s most saleable features through the use of attention-grabbing, grammatically correct copy.

We provide property, office and agent profiles as well as market updates. We also offer a language translation service for potential Chinese buyers via our China Connect product.

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Homebuyers need to fall in love with the property’s lifestyle through real estate copywriting.

Property copywriting

Compelling copy makes all the difference for your property campaign. A catchy heading or emotive property description can open a buyer’s eyes to unseen potential.

The art of real estate copywriting is finding the balance between selling the home’s unique characteristics, while revealing just enough to ensure the buyer wants to find out more.

From web-only packages to comprehensive print and digital options, we adhere to agency brand guidelines and advertising specifications.

First impressions count and our copywriters are always highly presentable. Meeting you, and if appropriate the vendor, onsite it is their job to find out the home’s unique story. We then communicate its lifestyle and key details, build potential and sell the location. Onsite copywriting jobs are ready for review in Campaigntrack 24 hours from the appointment after a process of quality control has taken place.

Our knowledgeable team can create accurate and emotive copy from property photos and other campaign content like the floorplan. They will also call you to gain any extra information that may not come across in the pictures. From receipt of the images, copy will be edited and delivered by COB the next business day.


Our copywriters are professional, experienced and great to work with.

Agency and agent profiles

We work with the leading agents and agency brands across Australia and New Zealand perfecting their brand voice and profile message.

Each agent is a brand within a brand and our talented team will work with you to establish a ‘voice’ and differentiate your skills and experience from your many competitors. Initially you will receive a questionnaire and then a follow-up call from our team, this way we can get to the heart of who you are as an agent. We can help you build your brand and reputation.

An agency’s branding is its lifeblood, maintaining quality and consistency is key. If a brand ‘voice’ needs to be established or improved, we can create one that boosts your agency’s profile and industry standing.

Market reports

Engage your database, reach new clients and demonstrate your market knowledge with an expertly written market report. Our writers will craft compelling content that illustrates your local market intel and sales success.

Talk to Campaigntrack today to find out how we can help your real estate business.

What we deliver

  • flawless grammar, punctuation and spelling
  • an established brand ‘voice’
  • audience specific, emotive and compelling copy
  • accurate property details
  • adherence to agency and advertising copy specs
  • client feedback and corrections
  • highly presentable, professional onsite service
  • prompt turnaround (onsite booking in 24 hours, site unseen COB next business day)
  • quality control check

What we don’t do

  • unprofessional onsite representation
  • clichés
  • careless typos
  • go off brand
  • deliver inaccurate property specs
  • miss deadlines
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Stefan Williams

CEO of Campaigntrack, Stefan's goal is to connect real estate agencies with the industry's best marketing strategies and suppliers.