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What Campaigntrack does differently

The floorplan is an essential selling tool that gives buyers the facts they need to determine if they will attend an open house or even buy site unseen. An accurate, professionally produced floorplan is expected, as is a floorplan consultant who will represent you and your brand to the highest standard.

Architect Gabriela Barreda is Campaigntrack’s Floorplan Supervisor, she oversees a team of dedicated floorplanners and draftspeople who turnaround an average of 250 floorplans each week.

To maintain our high product and service standards Gabriela and her team of 60 full-time staff and approximately 30 contractors follow a well-organised process and only use the latest floorplan equipment.

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Gabriela Barreda on-site taking internal measurements using laser technology.

The floorplan steps

When a booking is made, you are able to choose a small, medium, large or extra large property – this way the appropriate time can be allocated. We then obtain an accurate site plan from RP Data, which our floorplanners use to establish exact boundaries and sketch the floorplan within these dimensions.

Room by room the house is measured, along with annexes, garden spaces (there are limitations with outdoor spaces), pools, garages and/or allocated car spaces.

Photos are taken of the floorplan sketches and immediately uploaded via our Active Floorplanner app to be sent onto our drafting team. Tricky details are also documented using photos. A final floorplan is then created within 24 hours using AutoCAD. Prior to delivery, the floorplan goes through two quality control checks.

Cutting-edge technology

Campaigntrack’s laser measuring devices are incredibly accurate, measuring up to 80 or even 120 metres and to within decimals. Our custom-made Active Floorplanner app means floorplans can be sent through immediately to Campaigntrack’s draftspeople, accompanied by reference photos, for a quick turnaround.


“There are rules that floor planners have to adhere to,” Gabriela explains. “We cannot measure crawl spaces and a room cannot be classified a bedroom if it does not have a window or can only be accessed via another room. Additionally, if a space does not have proper flooring, lighting or height it doesn’t get measured but will be indicated on the floorplan.

“We aren’t able to measure common areas in a complex but if there is allocated parking, laundry or storage according to the title, we need to know exactly where that is so we can include those details.”

Gabriela outlines her top tips for getting the best floorplan results in the most efficient way:

  • Book the correct product. In order for us to allocate the appropriate time for the floorplan we need to know whether the property is an apartment or house. Additionally, the size of the home needs to be indicated ranging from small, medium, large or extra large. If the home is particularly big, you won’t be charged more but we do need warning so the job can be done accurately, please tick the box to allow more time on site.
  • Attend the appointment. It makes a big difference if the agent can conduct a walkthrough with the floorplanner. This way tricky or easily missed details can be covered off, like attic space or hidden ensuites. Also, the agent’s presence helps vendors feel more comfortable about the process.
  • Pre-warn the vendor and/or tenant. At times we encounter residents who were not prepared for the appointment, this causes confusion for all involved and may mean the appointment needs to be re-booked.
  • For the Redraw service, check pre-existing floorplans are up to date. It is very common for vendors to provide a pre-existing floorplan, which they insist is current, only to remember later changes to the property have been made.
  • Ensure access all areas. Our floorplanners need access to every room, all doors need to be unlocked and spaces cleared. For example, a packed garage cannot be measured. Sometimes vendors only prepare the key areas of their home being photographed.
  • Vacant land requires a surveyor. Campaigntrack is not able to supply surveyor services, we can obtain site boundary details from RP Data to create a site plan.

Campaigntrack’s service includes:

  • Floorplan and site plan (onsite appointment)
  • Highly accurate laser measuring equipment used
  • 24-hour turnaround from the floorplanner’s appointment
  • Floorplans completed in AutoCAD to generate accurate, professional plans
  • Redraw service is available for existing vendor plans
  • Colour floorplans available
  • Two rounds of quality control checks, one completed by an architect
  • We supply 3D Matterport floorplans in some areas
  • Friendly and professional service

Talk to your account manager today to arrange your next floorplan!

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