Maximise your digital real estate presence on LinkedIn using these six tips

LinkedIn is an increasingly crucial tool for real estate agents building their online presence. The professional social networking tool allows you to both connect with like-minded experts in your field and to share your industry prowess and build your relationship networks.

While there are many social networks you should consider using, LinkedIn is unique in that it is used as a professional network site that can both enhance your current skills and raise the profile of your business.

Your profile is often the first page someone lands on through a Google search and you should consider it as being akin to an online resume. Here are six tips to help boost your professional profile.

1. Ensure it is complete

Fill out the entire profile, with a professional picture, work history, education details, expertise and succinct biography with alternative contact details and links to your agency. This is crucial if you want to maximise how many searches you appear in. Ensure it’s obvious at a glance who you are, what you do and where you work.

2. Focus on search engine optimisation (SEO)

When writing your biography – and, in particular, the one-liner that describes your current role – be savvy. Consider what someone else would type in to search for a professional in your industry. For instance, you may include the terms ‘Sydney real estate agent’ and ‘Hills District property market specialist’.

3. Join relevant groups and engage in discussions

It’s critical that you get yourself noticed on LinkedIn. This can easily be done by joining groups and engaging in the discussion boards. Commenting professionally on other peoples’ status updates is almost as critical as updating your own; however, you should focus on having something valuable to contribute.

Groups can be found under the ‘Interests’ tab. Some good active groups include Australasian Real Estate Professionals (Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific), Real Estate Professionals Australia and Real Estate Investment In Australia.

You can also follow thought leaders within the industry, who can give you ideas on how to be more effective in your own property dealings and perhaps even allow you to connect with some of the top individuals in real estate. It’s worth a quick glance to see what the movers and shakers are up to.

4. Endorsements

While endorsements are fairly common, profiles that come with a written endorsement are most effective for highlighting your talents. Contact vendors or colleagues you have worked with before and ask them to write a brief endorsement of your skills and the experience they had. Dont forget to offer to return the favour. Your contacts will be much more likely to endorse you if they know they are getting some love in return!

5. Contribute content

If you are a decent writer, then you may want to consider posting your own original content on LinkedIn, along with links back to your real estate agency’s website. Consider using images and video, as these types of content are highly shareable. Focus on content where you provide your own personal insights on your local market.

6. Connect with others

Add past colleagues, friends, local agents and even buyers with LinkedIn pages where possible. Build up your network and engage with those that you add. Remember that it’s all about building connections with other people, so the more individuals you formally connect with the better.

Not only can you create a carefully tailored profile, but you can also see who has been looking at your profile and measure your own online success. This can be very useful when maximising your efforts online and can give you a quick list of people to follow up with using the LinkedIn mail function.

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Yaniv Klein

Yaniv Klein is Campaigntrack's Product Growth Strategist. With over 14 years of experience and a proven track record executing online marketing campaigns, business development and increasing ROI, Yaniv has joined Campaigntrack to develop digital products for the real estate industry.