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Social media is about connections – your property campaign is no different

Visual Social Media is designed to extend your internet presence far beyond traditional marketing. A surprising percentage of sales are made to people who aren’t actively looking for property and social media marketing is the perfect way to ensure your property is seen by more people online.

Consider this: 15 million Australians are currently on social media and the average time spent on Facebook, per week, per user is 8.5 hours. So how do agents and agencies harness this incredible real estate marketing opportunity?

The Campaigntrack Visual Social Media (VSM) team has the answer. We have created a unique product range that is virtually effortless on your part, at the same time it’s a powerful and effective way to market your properties and your brand.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms connect your listings with people in the community. Our job is to make those connections more appealing, relevant and memorable.


We curate stunning Visual Social Media content to take your property campaign to the next level.

Many months were spent researching and developing technologies, methods and industry know-how so that we could create influential content on your behalf. Posts and ads that not only look better, but deliver better results.

Effective social media marketing is harder than it looks, which is why our solution is so compelling. We make you look like the consummate professional and deliver you significant value for money.

Facebook boosted posts and advertising

As the most popular social network in Australia and the world, Facebook is the place to be seen. Our posts are designed to engage and appeal to property-loving followers, as well as specifically targeted users through Facebook boosting and advertising.

Posting of your property on Instagram and Twitter is included and extends your reach even further.


We’ve designed clever solutions for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook including ‘trailer videos’.

Unique Property Websites

Campaigntrack’s Unique Property Websites are in a league of their own. Mobile optimised, super-speed loading times and built with strategic guidance from Google headquarters – our property websites will give you the competitive edge!

A property website dedicated to your listing, with its own URL, ensures interested social media users can find out more about the property. The stunning design, especially created for mobile users, showcases the property’s location, floorplan, video and photos and makes contacting the agent a breeze. If you’ve opted for Google advertising, a Unique Property Website means the listing gets even more exposure online.


Our Advanced Internet Marketing ecosystem brings your digital strategy into one easy place.

Creative content

Our VSM solution includes the creation of engaging content to ensure more views, likes and comments. A special ‘trailer video’ as well as creative ‘image styling’, engaging socially-oriented posting and discovery hashtagging – give you the edge.

What’s included

  • Property-specific content creation including ‘trailer video
  • Custom social media content posting with curated hashtagging
  • High-engagement posting times on FB, Instagram and Twitter
  • Unique Property Website with ad-hooks
  • Social media paid ads and boosts

Talk to our talented Visual Social Media team today so we can give you the competitive social media marketing edge at an incredible price!

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Stefan Williams

CEO of Campaigntrack, Stefan's goal is to connect real estate agencies with the industry's best marketing strategies and suppliers.