Advanced Internet Marketing

Go where the people are.

Its a Google & Facebook powered world nowadays and these platforms work beautifully for selling real estate as well as finding sellers. But if you're adopting a tick-a-box approach or selecting a solution that sends your leads back to the property portals, you're missing out.

The average Australian spends 20 hours online each week, and even that conservative figure (is it just us who have our smartphones glued to our hands?) is much higher than the amount of time they spend reading newspapers. That’s why digital marketing is so important, but there’s another level to it, and that’s getting your ads onto the platforms people use. Here’s where Campaigntrack’s partnership with Google and Facebook comes in. We call it Advanced Internet Marketing and we are using it to target the buyers who haven’t even decided they want to move yet. PS we love the Elite Agent Team thank you for the shout out.

See what Campaigntrack Co-founder Stefan Williams had to say about it at AREC

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Janelle Williams