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Want to be the most helpful and efficient real estate agent around?

From translation apps to live streaming tools, these real estate apps are well worth the screen space on your smartphone.

Following on from our 2015 list of apps real estate agents can’t live without, here’s a fresh hit list of mobile tools that will help you work faster and better in 2016.

1. Sun Seeker 3D

This practical app uses GPS to display the position and path of the sun, no matter where you are on Earth. It is a very helpful tool on overcast or rainy days, when buyers are trying to get a feel for how much natural light a home or garden is regularly exposed to. It can also help you plan property photo shoots.

Real estate app

Track the Sun’s movements anywhere in the world!

Open Home Pro

This app promises an end to Mondays spent deciphering visitors’ handwriting and manually entering details into spreadsheets or CRMs.

Open Home Pro helps you get clear information from visitors and you can add notes and buyer comments as they come through your open house. It will even send automatic follow-up emails to visitors – very handy!

Real estate app

Automate your open house registration – no more fiddly pen and paper.


Periscope is a live streaming app – perfect for interstate or overseas buyers. Take clients on a virtual tour and let them ask questions as you go. Save your broadcast and republish it on your website or social accounts for repeat views.

You can use Periscope to give a cheeky sneak peek of a new listing or take some footage of the crowds at your open home to let people know what they’re missing out on. There are no filters so your audience will know exactly what’s on offer!

Real estate app

Conduct an open house virtually with this clever live streaming app.

Google Translate

Overseas residents and new migrants make up a significant proportion of property buyers in Australia. Make sure the lines of communication are as open as possible with the Google Translate App.

This tool covers 30 popular languages and will make basic communication with non-english speaking clients that little bit easier.

Real estate app

Don’t let language barriers get in the way of an important lead.


Real estate agents are some of the busiest people on the planet. There’s no time to be calling your colleagues on the phone and waiting to be put through to voicemail, or even typing out text messages.

This is where Voxer comes in. This push-to-talk app is like a walkie-talkie in your pocket. Get your team to connect to you once they have downloaded the app and you can speak in real time or leave messages for each other. There are no phone call costs as Voxer operates via the internet… and you don’t even have to say “over and out”!

Real estate app

Cut your phone bill with this walkie-talkie app.


Want to send a potential buyer some quick shots? Create a better impression while you’re on the go with Snapseed, recommended by PC Magazine as one of the best 100 apps of 2016.

Of course nothing can replace professional retouching but this app will help you make quick corrections, adjustments and enhancements from your phone for social media and last minute image requests.

Real estate app

Perfect for fixing property images on the go.

Pic Stitch

Build a photo collage with this nifty tool. Pic Stitch lets you turn three or four images into one. It is great for social media, including Facebook and Twitter, or it can be an excellent way to visually follow up on a successful auction with a client.

Real estate app

Create clever collages in minutes and impress your clients.


Ditch the pen and paper and keep track of your to-do list from the palm of your hand. If you haven’t already discovered it, Trello is a godsend for busy people. Use it to create a ‘board’ for every client you’ve got on the go – you can create a task list and mark things as DONE once you have taken care of their transaction.

Trello can also be used on your desktop computer and shared with team members in the office, making it easier for you to collaborate when you’re not physically present.

Real estate app 8.

Forget your Filofax and get ahead with Trello’s interactive management tool.

Battery Doctor

It’s not unusual for agents to be out and about all day, visiting properties, meeting clients and taking calls. One of the handiest tools you have is your phone – but not if it runs out of battery!

Apps like Battery Doctor come to the rescue by letting you track which apps and functions on your phone are draining the life out of your battery. You can change settings from inside the app and give your phone the power it needs to get through the day.

Real estate app

Never miss a beat with this clever battery reserve app.

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