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Agent & Team Websites are an intrinsic part of your Digital Marketing arsenal. Let's get the product rah-rah over with first: We don't just make sites, we will get people to your site through our Advanced Internet Marketing using Google + Facebook... And thanks to our Google collaboration, ours are just made for Mobile, which is truly what matters nowadays... Our off-the-shelf offering looks as good and performs better than sites our competitors charge $10k+ for... Phew, product placement over... ok, so we've been busy making our sites something even more special too... So what's new?

Team Sites

We’ve been doing Agent sites for a while now, but frequently agents work in teams… So… If you work in a Team, Campaigntrack can now automatically generate and update team sites like magic…  Content is drawn automatically from the members of the team, showing your team’s listings, recent sales, members and more.


Lead Generation

In addition to the click-to-call, contact forms, Google + Facebook ad integration and auto-Facebook posting, we now have a super fast lead-generation tool.  Working on the premise that everyone wants to know what their property is worth, we let them type their address in using Google-powered fast, lookup. This leads to a simple appraisal booking form, but… if they don’t get that far we let you know the address anyway so you can drop them a letter… Simple and brilliant…

what's it worth

Agent & Team Blog Posts

We’ve tapped into one of the world’s most powerful Blogging platforms: Blogger by Google, and added it to our Agent and Team sites. Now you can post till your fingers are sore, and do wonders for your SEO if you like.

Agent Site Blog Post

New Site Layouts and Themes

We’re super close to releasing new layout themes/templates and simple customization tools so you can get the site of your dreams more easily.  We offer customization, at a cost, for those who want to take things further still in their quest for personalized layouts.  Let us know if you want to talk about specific requirements.

Final Word

Agent sites are great, ditto for teams. But the best site in the world is useless if nobody knows about it.  Our onboarding and support team will assist getting your site up and ensuring you get the most from it.  And consider an Agent/Team Facebook + Google subscription (Advanced Internet Marketing) to let your local area know just how amazing you are.  Success doesn’t happen on its own – let us be part of your team.

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