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Agent websites have never been easier, nor as inexpensive. Getting the most value from them is easy, but many agents overlook the simplest things.

Real estate is an intriguing business don’t you think? You get a job as an agent and unlike most other jobs, your progression and pay rises are not a matter of impressing the boss so much as it’s a matter of how you build your own ‘small’ business within the agency you work for. Sure, you may be given leads sometimes and included on other people’s listings, but to truly progress you need to have a more active role in bringing listings in the door. Spoiler alert: highly visible agents get more listings.

Be seen, get found – for beginners:

Step one, get a website. Step two – let’s get people looking at it. Its surprising how many websites there are in the world that get little or no traffic because they are nowhere to be found.  So how do you get people to your website? Let’s start with the free stuff, which almost everyone overlooks:

  • Put your website URL on your business card.
  • Use Facebook? Save your website URL on your personal or page details so people can click on it from your page or profile to find out more about you.
  • If you’re on LinkedIn, save your website URL on your profile
  • Active on Instagram in a professional sense? Well, you can save your URL on your profile for free.
  • Update your email signature to include your website URL.  Not just your desktop signature either… why not make your fancy iPhone or Android phone include this instead of the ‘sent from my iPhone’ free plug for Apple? You’d be surprised how many people would click on ‘More about me at
  • If you can, put it on your property sign sold stickers – why not?

Be seen, get found – get serious:

A well-designed agent or team website is built for digital marketing. This means using Facebook & Google advertising, among other things, to actively drive traffic to your site.  For less than the cost of a monthly letterbox drop, you can have tens of thousands of digital ads delivered to your local area, with clever targeting ensuring your ad is seen by more of the right kind of people too. People clicking on your ads will land on your website where they can find out a whole lot more about what makes you a great agent. Add into this retargeted marketing, which is at the heart of the best digital ad technology, means that anyone clicking on your ads will likely see them again & the properties you are selling too.  That’s marketing gold. When you consider the cost of a lead-seller lead is thousands – digital marketing that drives your own leads seems a bargain. Like anything worthwhile, you will need to be consistent and also understand it often takes a few months for your online credibility and retargeting data to build up too. The phone isn’t going to ring off the hook the first month you start digital marketing, but you will be nurturing interest and followers every single month. Keep it up – you’re worth it.


Campaigntrack makes some of the most advanced, and cost-effective Agent Website and Digital Marketing solutions, anywhere.  If you’re interested in a conversation about how we can help you, or if you are already a customer and would like help with any of the above, we are at your service.

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