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Google + Facebook Marketing - the most powerful and successful advertising and marketing platforms on the planet are ready to be unleashed to the real estate sector.

Whilst the traditional property portals should be worried, Agents, Agency, Principals and Vendors should be doing cartwheels, and with good reason.  Simply put, when done well, Google + Facebook Marketing adds incredible firepower and reach to property marketing and branding.  

Campaigntrack has been working in secret on its newly released Advanced Internet Marketing (AIM) for almost two years now, announcing a special Google Partnership on the way.  The objective was to build a product that delivered incredible results, at a highly attractive price.  We think that it won’t be long before Google + Facebook marketing is as commonplace as signboards & traditional portals.

A.I.M. helps you win more listings, improves your local area digital presence enormously whilst helping sell your listings.

Think about the impact of hundreds of thousands of digital ad impressions, and hundreds and often thousands of actual clicks to the Unique Property Website or Elite Agent site? Multiply that by your number of listings, and the maths gets kind of giddy.  Whilst the traditional portals do very little to help your personal and agency brand, AIM goes all out to make a big impression and drive visibility and inquiry for your listings, you and your office too.

Importantly – unlike the traditional portal’s Google/Facebook products, we promote only your brand and you exclusively own all leads and clicks. Other products often use a click on one of your listings to target ads for your competitor’s listings.

The product suite covers both property and agent marketing – with a range of price points and options. Ordering and using is as easy as ordering within Campaigntrack. From there, our unique technology combined with the talented people in our Google and Facebook marketing teams do all the heavy lifting to get you stellar results.

Your brand, your data, its easy 😉

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Janelle Williams