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Campaigntrack's black-ops project is now in Beta release. 

The word is, our early-adopter client beta testers are already grinning ear-to-ear!  The world's most advanced real estate marketing platform has undergone some serious evolution.  What to call it... Campaigntrack 10? Nah... That's a bit predictable, so we opted for Campaigntrack EVO.  Think Evolution...

While some folks think all we’ve been doing is building and perfecting the most amazing Facebook + Google digital marketing platform for property, turns out we’ve also been busy on so many other fronts, too.  Over the next coming weeks, some amazing usability and productivity improvement upgrades are rolling in… Time to get excited!

So what exactly are we talking about you may ask?

Active Campaigns

A ground-up rebuild of the most commonly used Campaigntrack screen. This new screen boasts a beautiful grid-view as well as a power-user list view with more at-a-glance information and quick-links that make it faster than anything else in real estate marketing. Added to that is a super advanced google-inspired instant search that finds what you want, well… instantly!  You can star campaigns you want to be more visible, which pins them to the top of the screen… Apart from looking very very appealing, this is really about productivity.  And we have so much more coming (shhhhh….).

Campaigntrack Grid View

Campaigntrack List View

Ordering… Shopping Cart

Lots of campaigntrack users spend a whole bunch of time in the shopping cart. Boring, right? Yea… No… Its one of the most often used screens in Campaigntrack and we wanted to make it the fastest and easiest to use shopping cart for real estate – ever! So, how can you put a smile on a Shopping Cart user’s face?  Well, lets start with favoriting items and options you order most, add instant search to find things easier, and a ground-up rebuild of how ordering even works. The result is the most productive shopping cart, that takes the fewest clicks and can be used by anyone (yes… even Agents!!!).

Campaigntrack Shopping Cart

Automated Facebook and Social Media Posting

Thanks in part to our working directly with Facebook, we have a world’s first Facebook post automation product specifically for real estate. LinkedIn and Twitter too… Think perfect posts with zero effort on your Agent and Agency pages… In conjunction with our Advanced Internet Marketing for Facebook + Google, it’s pure magic. Not enough room to talk about this in this Blog Post, but keep an eye out for our announcement and blog post specifically on this topic.  Or, ask us for more details.

Count me in?

If you’re keen on being amongst the first to access these new capabilities, talk to your Campaigntrack Account Manager, who can make it happen.

Coming Soon

Mobile optimised proofing, mobile optimised shopping cart, a brand new campaign dashboard that shows everything including your Digital Marketing.. and more.  We’re proud of our team and our constant innovation that keeps our clients in-front.  And the best is yet to come.  Any questions? Ask your Account Manager or Campaigntrack Sales contact.  We’re here for you :)

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Stefan Williams

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