In today’s digital-led era, agencies and individual agents must build strong, memorable, online brands that stand independent of the major portals. Campaigntrack’s

fully automated multi-channel digital marketing platform

enables commercial and residential real estate agents to cost-effectively break their dependence on the portals, delivering sophisticated ad campaigns to attract more buyers and sellers, whilst also building personal and office brands at scale. Pricing is highly flexible and affordable.

Targeted digital marketing means better exposure and more interest.

While advertising on the property portals find buyers actively looking for property, Campaigntrack casts the net much wider to capture passive and active buyers, lessees, landlords and sellers while they browse their favourite websites or are active on social media. Here's how:


Agency branded property ads are displayed across the Google Display Network, capturing people while they are browsing their favourite websites, watching a YouTube video or using their mobile devices. 

Advanced audience targeting places your ads only in front of people more likely to be interested in your properties, finding new prospective customers more effectively than traditional media channels. And once someone clicks on an ad, retargeting technology ensures it keeps resurfacing as a reminder while they browse other sites. Not forever, just until the end of the campaign.

Built into every Campaigntrack Digital campaign is the ability to build your own retargeting database, critical for today’s agent marketing. This audience data is a powerful tool for marketing subsequent listings, while also helping to close vendor sign-ups.


Google is where the world starts searching for information online. Responsive text ads matched to a potential’s buyers search terms appear in relevant Google results, driving calls, enquiries and clicks to the property website.


Captivating property ads appear in user’s newsfeeds (both desktop and mobile), guaranteeing that more people will see the property listing than if posted only to an agent’s own page. Precise demographic, lifestyle and geographical targeting ensure each property campaign is accurately matched to the right people, and powerful remarketing will keep the property top of mind when someone has shown interest in it.


Bespoke, mobile-friendly, agent branded property websites showcase a single property listing. This provides an exclusive selling environment that sets each property apart and enables potential buyers to be fully immersed in the qualities of the property. It includes a description, images, map, videos, floorplans, inspection times, agent details and enquiry functions to drive customer action. 

The website is easily populated with information already stored in the Campaigntrack platform and can be live within moments of being ordered. With inbuilt SEO benefits, our property websites set the benchmark for performance - pretty, powerful and purposeful.


Keeping your social media channels up-to-date with current property listings is an important digital marketing tactic to engage your local audience and increase reach. But it can also be an onerous task to manage, easily forgotten. Once enabled, Campaigntrack can automatically post all your digital property campaigns to your agent Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages, saving you valuable time and creating a consistently branded online presence.

Attract the right type of buyer.

Selling a luxury penthouse? A commercial warehouse? A 2 bedroom apartment? Not all properties are created equal and this demands a sophisticated approach to targeting. By understanding the location, demographics and behaviour of people online (leveraging Facebook and Google data), we can choose to be very broad or very specific with who we advertise properties too, finding buyers in suburbs nearby, across town, or even across the sea

Powerful Digital. Made Simple.
Unique automation gets a campaign live in hours and in 3 easy steps.

Powerful Digital. Made Simple.

Unique automation gets a campaign live in hours and in 3 easy steps.

Campaigntrack’s Premier Partner status with Google, and strong relationship with Facebook – two of the biggest digital advertising channels in the world – means not just a serious level of expertise, but a valuable foundation to create integrated digital campaigns and deliver a higher return on investment.

Innovative agencies use Campaigntrack Digital.

Digital media has become one of the most important marketing tactics for communicating with buyers and sellers thanks to the high numbers of people who frequent channels like Google, Facebook and Instagram every day. See how these agents are revolutionising their listing strategies with powerful digital marketing campaigns.

Innovative agencies use Campaigntrack Digital.

Digital media has become one of the most important marketing tactics for communicating with buyers and sellers thanks to the high numbers of people who frequent channels like Google, Facebook and Instagram every day. See how these agents are revolutionising their listing strategies with powerful digital marketing campaigns.

“Campaigntrack’s digital marketing, using the power of Google and Facebook, has been a gamechanger for our business. They get fantastic exposure for our sellers and are able to target the best lifestyle buyers based on their online activity that no other medium can reach.”

Leading agents are revolutionising their listing strategies with powerful digital marketing.

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“Working with Campaigntrack has meant we have one source of the truth and complete visibility across all sales and leasing bookings. Distinguishing Campaigntrack is their commitment to innovation and constant investment in their platform, which means we as a brand know we can offer our clients a multitude of market leading initiatives.”
Kara Philips
Commercial Director, Knight Frank
“Campaigntrack provides a robust platform that seamlessly consolidates all our marketing requirements into a single system - ultimately delivering us greater levels of efficiency and productivity. This is backed by
5-star personalised customer service thanks to their team of responsive, friendly, accommodating problem-solvers.”
Kerrie Wade
GM Marketing, Marshall White
Our office highly recommends Campaigntrack’s digital marketing! Their Google and Facebook advertising solution sets us apart from the competition and is so easy for our sales team to use. We target potential buyers whoever and wherever they ...before they are even know they were looking! We all spend so much time online nowadays that it makes sense that we target buyers there too. Thank you Campaigntrack for helping us “be seen everywhere.”
Vanessa McKenzi
Agent Licensee - Director, Ray White
“We are delighted with Campaigntrack’s signboards, delivery and service. They provide a seamless process from ordering through to delivery, that is simple, quick and effective. Their online templates make it easy to complete orders and their response time to questions is exceptional. We are so happy that we moved to Campaigntrack.”
Laura Valentine
Marketing Manager, Savills
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“Campaigntrack has enabled us to consolidate our marketing into a single system while integrating with our other platforms. This level of integration has resulted in high levels of automation, efficiency and productivity within the Di Jones group of offices. It has been a seamless experience end-to-end, delivered equally by industry-leading technology and terrific people in support. I would recommend Campaigntrack to any Real Estate office principal.”
Rob Ward
CEO, Di Jones
“We have been working with Campaigntrack for several years now. It is the best way for us to manage our property marketing. It allows our teams to easily create professional artworks with on-brand templates all from the one system. The Campaigntrack team have always gone above and beyond with anything we needed, and we could not recommend them more.”
Elizabeth Driscoll
Marketing Manager, Raine & Horne Double Bay/Bondi Beach