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A board that wins you new listings whilst selling current listings!

Digital signage stops passers-by in their tracks and elevates your brand and local marketing. Multiple photos, video and other content make for a powerful impression.

Campaigntrack has formed a partnership with Digital Signboard pioneers CodyLive, bringing great value next-generation signage to our clients.

There is no doubt that it’s a digital world nowadays, with technology advancing at an ever increasing pace.  Digital property signs are a new thing in this space, but they are clearly the future. Clever design has brought down the price-point to such an extent these signs can be used on almost all property types.

Digital Signboards, or Storyboards as CodyLive call them, have many advantages.  Let’s start with the fact they look spectacular – literally stopping passersby in their tracks. Many agents have found they are a great listing generator as well – helping leading agents stand out in their local area.  With the addition of the branding skin, these boards have a huge street presence, whilst the digital screen allows content including multiple images, video, branding and agent promotion – far more content than a traditional signboard would allow. Because the content is digital, and the boards connected to the 4G network, the boards can be updated at any time with changed images, headings, inspect times, SOLD and more.  SOLD properties can proudly and simply promote the selling agent’s success.  It’s powerful stuff!

Interestingly, because these boards are licensed at a higher government level, they are not subject to the size restrictions that some councils impose. Simply put – you can have much larger boards than 3×4 boards in these councils, with no fear of being fined.

Ordering is a breeze using Campaigntrack – so why not talk to your Account Manager or contact our sales team today.

CodyLive Sign - LJH

Digital Signboards

Valid in Sydney, Brisbane, Wollongong & Newcastle. Offer applies to orders of Sponsor supported CodyLive 55″ Digital Signboards.

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