Why the Algorithm Changes?

Perhaps the most important thing to note in this is that these changes affect Posts only, but do not affect Facebook Advertising.  Campaigntrack’s Advanced Internet Marketing product is completely unaffected by these changes.  Since many Agents and Agencies post (and should continue to do so), its worth knowing more about how posts will be affected.

In January, Facebook came out and stated their plans to shake things up on the News Feed. The new initiative, which is set to change the way content is displayed to users in 2018, has sparked a great deal of discussion in the real estate industry as to how it’ll impact the network’s usefulness as a marketing tool.
In the statement, Founder Mark Zuckerberg stated that the 2018 focus for Facebook is “on making time spent on Facebook time well spent.”
What he meant by this is that Facebook is going to give priority to posts from friends and family – the content type their research showed to have the most importance to its users.
In turn, fewer organic posts from businesses and brands will be shown in the News Feed. However, Facebook knows where their money comes from, and as such has made no claim that there will be a reduction in the number of ads displayed to its users.
What are the major Facebook News Feed changes?
The major changes for Facebook that Zuckerberg has announced are:

  • Facebook users will see less public content from businesses, brands, and media.
  • Facebook users will see more content from friends, family, and groups.
  • Facebook users will have more meaningful social interactions.
  • There will be an algorithm change to the non-promoted news feed.
  • There will be fewer news articles and less advertising content and ads.

What can Real Estate companies and agents do about it?

1. Don’t rely on free reach on Facebook

Our clients all have a paid social media strategy and budget as we believe this is imperative for results. In the past year, Business Page content on Facebook has received, on average, 3 percent to 5 percent organic reach. So, if you post something on your business page and you have 500 followers, only 15 to 25 people will see that post if you aren’t putting budget behind it. With the recent changes, this small percentage will dwindle to zero.

2. Facebook is a “Pay-to-Play” Space – You Need a Facebook Ads Budget

With these algorithm changes taking effect, businesses that previously relied on organic reach for marketing their properties and general news will now have to put budget behind them to help them gain traction. And with increased demand comes increased prices.
The raised number of businesses seeking that coveted ad space on their audience’s News Feeds means more of us will be fighting for the same space, turning it into a real commodity. Ads are charged on an auction-like system – the highest bidder gets the ad space. So, it’s only natural to assume your ad space is going to get more expensive. You can prepare for this by carving out an extra allotted budget to be spent on your Facebook advertising.

3. Embrace the way the platform is supposed to be used

Facebook for Business is designed to be used as a promotional avenue but not in the same way as traditional advertising — it’s supposed to be social after all. So, ensure that your content is not too promotional, focus on educating and entertaining your audience. And if you are thinking the answer is to switch to a personal profile, the reality is you will be missing out of the immense targeting and reach capabilities that Facebook has to offer as well as any ability to measure your results.

4. Ensure your content is high value

Sure, you can throw $50 at a post to get it in front of a few thousand people. However, if your content isn’t high-value, you’re not going to generate the results you should.
If your content is low-value, it’s simply not going to reach the number of people you’d like, and this is true for both organic and paid posts. Both are subject to Facebook’s algorithmic focus on user experience, so invest in the quality of your content and create something you’d want to read.

5. Get an expert involved or become an expert – OR – Use campaigntrack

 If you are serious about using social media to build your brand, then you need to get an expert involved or commit to learning how these platforms work and staying up to date with the latest changes and trends yourself. Facebook is now a powerful and complex tool; gone are the days when the receptionist or intern had the expertise or capability to create content for your social channels. It takes a social media expert to cut through these competitive platforms these days. Hire someone who can help you with content, frequency, budget allocation, promoted content, scheduling and results tracking.


While Agent and Agency posts may be seen by fewer people organically, it’s critical to remember that posting to your page or profile still has enormous value.  Facebook is akin to your online CV for many Vendors when they are considering an agent or agency.  Its very common they will ‘check your Facebook out’, and if it’s a posting desert…. well that’s not a good look.  So keep posting folks, or consider using Campaigntrack’s automated Facebook posting – couldn’t be easier.

Essentially, Facebook is going to show more posts shared by friends and family and fewer posts from businesses and brands (Business Pages). It’s important to note here that they are referring to content from Business Pages that have not been promoted or boosted. There has been no claim made that they will reduce the number of ads that they show to users.
It’s no surprise that this is the direction that Facebook is taking. Organic reach on Facebook has been declining gradually over the past few years.

But it’s now official: Facebook is pay-for-play for businesses and public figures.

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