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Your guide to understanding social media advertising

Australian and New Zealand real estate agencies may have arrived late to the party compared to their US counterparts, but targeted social media advertising is quickly gaining traction as a vital part of your marketing plan.

Advertising on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can be a great way to reach vendors and buyers. ‘Ad targeting’ means you can specify who you reach and how, while achieving a much greater return on investment than other media.

Here’s what you need to know about social media advertising.


Facebook offers enhanced audience targeting, which means you can tap into its deep data banks to promote your listings to a tightly defined audience based on the user’s location, gender, demographic and interests. And if you use CRM software, you can upload your email lists directly to Facebook, which will serve ads to matched contacts.

Facebook also gives you the capability to split test your ads for performance. For example, you can test the effectiveness of your post image, headline and text within your target demographic – and edit accordingly to optimise your adverts.

Head to the ‘Facebook for business’ web page to find out more about their targeted advertising campaigns.


Twitter offers several different ad types depending on your campaign goals. You can also target users based on their listed interests and keywords, and tailor to a geographic location and gender. When setting up an ad, you’ll be asked to select a campaign objective that will determine how your ad appears. Real estate agents can use Twitter ads to:

Drive traffic to a single property website: Selecting a ‘Tweet engagements’ or ‘website clicks or conversion’ campaign will promote your Tweet to a targeted audience. Include a link to your single property website (microsite), with a compelling property image and call to action (CTA).

Attract new followers: You can use Twitter ads to build your audience. Select the ‘grow followers’ campaign option to promote your account to targeted users, and give them a reason to follow you with a promise of what you have to offer – like regular property investment tips.

Build your email list: Select a ‘leads on Twitter’ campaign to build your email marketing database. In your ad, offer a free gift – such as an ebook download – in exchange for their email address or ask them to sign up to your regular e-newsletter. You can optimise your ad with a custom banner image.

For more detail on these targeted campaign options look at the ‘Twitter for business solutions’ web page.


LinkedIn allows you to target ad campaigns to people in geographic locations as well as to specific job titles or selected industries.

How is this useful for agents? If you’re selling a property close to a hospital, for example, you can target health professionals who live within a certain radius. The same goes for universities and other large employers.

The fact LinkedIn is a professional services website also adds an element of prestige to your advertising campaign. LinkedIn’s Marketing Services web page outlines the targeted advertising and lead generation options.

With this level of audience targeting available, social media advertising is leaving the scatter-gun approach of old media advertising in its wake. Find out how Campaigntrack can help optimise your social media campaigns.

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Shane Conroy

Shane Conroy

Shane has worked as a journalist and freelance copywriter for more than a decade. He is a columnist on Real Estate Business Online and is the author of ‘The Complete Guide to Writing: Property Listings’.