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Google + Facebook - choosing the right partner is important: look before you leap.

The digital marketing landscape is changing, fast. Traditional portals have every right to be scared. What used to be a monopoly on digital property advertising is over. Mature, highly effective and good-value Facebook + Google marketing for real estate is very real. Before you choose a supplier, there are some critical points to consider.

smiley macarons-smallerTruthfully, most agencies and agents don’t have a particularly diverse digital marketing strategy – based almost exclusively on the traditional property portals. Portals are good at finding active buyers who know precisely what they want, and they generate good inquiry levels.  In order to survive and prosper in this digital revolution, you need to reach buyers and sellers in other ways now.  So it makes sense to use the most powerful marketing platforms on the planet: Google + Facebook.  With most people spending 20+ hours online weekly now and growing, this is the place to connect with your intended audience.  But choosing the right Google + Facebook supplier can make all the difference between a tick-a-box exercise, and strategically benefiting your business.  With print advertising in decline, having a huge local digital brand presence grows businesses, and can throw the brakes on the lead sellers too. It’s time to go large on your other digital strategy and change the rules.

Ask yourself these questions before choosing a Google & Facebook supplier:

  • Who do I want to promote? If the ad contains any brand other than yours, it’s promoting them – not you.  Consider the benefits in driving your brand awareness, not someone else’s.
  • Who owns the clicks (audience) and remarketing data?  Choosing a supplier that directs clicks to their website means they capture and own the data, which can even be used to trigger ads for your competitors.  Data is today’s currency – we think you should own it and control it. Our solution guarantees your audiences, clicks, and data remain yours.
  • What’s the most effective targeting? Some claim they can target better because they know who is looking at listings on their sites.  The truth is that Google and Facebook and our big data partners also know who is looking, picking up on the many digital clues that someone is in the market.  Our targeting uses this intel but goes much further, finding passive buyers, creating local awareness campaigns and tapping back into your own database lists too. Simply put, we will find more buyers and sellers because we cast the net wider and more strategically. When it comes to marketing you too, our retargeting means that soon-to-be sellers will see your ad, brand, agents, and listings more often online.  That’s magic for credibility and recall.
  • Should I do Facebook or Google?  Some suppliers have a Google product, some Facebook. We do both simultaneously!  Think Facebook ads, Google Display Ads, Retargeted ads and Search Ads… And we’ve done such a clever job of entangling them it’s like the old 1+1=3. Magic!
  • Should I do this for every property? Absolutely! It’s as important as a signboard or a portal listing nowadays. Choosing a solution that doesn’t cater for a range of marketing budgets means you may not be able to do this for every listing, and a solution that requires you to order other expensive products to even qualify, pushes this goal further out of reach.  Our most successful clients have mandated Google + Facebook on every listing, starting at a relatively low price and suggesting upgrades for more expensive properties. It’s a highly attainable goal – with our help.
  • What is the better value for money?  Bang for buck is a good measure. We typically deliver 2-4 times as many digital ads and hundreds of more clicks when compared with products from traditional digital sites.  This equates to a lower cost per lead, and vastly better digital branding impact.  Ask us about some case studies, where we deliver astounding digital presence effortlessly.
  • Is Facebook + Google advertising hard to do? If you want to do it yourself effectively, it’s incredibly complicated and time-consuming. Fortunately, all you need to do is place an order. Our technology and team do all the work, you get all the credit!
  • Am I buying a product or a solution?  Ideally, your Google + Facebook supplier will want to be a part of your digital strategy, discussing and assisting this important change in your business.  This means talking about what works best and is most in your interests. Our digital transformation team will help with everything from getting your sales-team excited and confident to talk about this with vendors, to assistance with special properties and campaigns, and everything in between.  Working with Google and Facebook, Campaigntrack may have built the most powerful property digital marketing platform in existence, but its people that make the difference every time.
  • Is this just about selling properties?  No, it’s far more than that.  We will help you find more buyers including passive buyers, the portals don’t know about.  We’ll find you sellers too, which grows your business. We have a property solution, an agent solution, a team solution and an agency solution. We have a project marketing solution too, designed to offer much better value & strategic benefit. Use one part, or all parts, it’s up to you. All these solutions work together, so your data and leads and opportunities multiply.
  • What about Facebook Posts, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc?  Well, ads are not the same as posts. Ads work better because the platforms allow better targeting for ads versus posts. The truth is you need both, and campaigntrack has automated the Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter posting of content. We do wicked clever stuff with comments, AI, and social buzz generation too.  Our platform is unique in doing both ads and posts combined – automatically.
  • Is it hard to sell to a vendor? Absolutely not. We provide all the marketing materials, pitch, and training for your staff. We make it a no-brainer for your Vendor.  Not surprisingly Vendors agree that Google & Facebook are obvious places to market their property.
  • Will more people click on a portal-branded ad?  Not at all. People click on ads based on their relevance and appeal.  If you like the look of a property, or agent, or agency in an ad – and if it’s relevant, you will click regardless. Our brand engine makes your ads look Schmick, and perhaps that’s why we get higher click-through rates too.
  • Will I still need the portals?  Yes of course, but ideally you should be getting direct buyers and sellers inquiries from multiple digital sources. Google & Facebook digital marketing builds in effectiveness over time the more it’s used, as we grow your database and audiences.  Our solution includes timeline tools so your own digital marketing can get a headstart if you choose. We will grow your database substantially and, sooner than you might think, you’ll be getting plenty of direct buyer and seller inquiries, often first.
  • Active buyers only search within the portals, right? Absolutely not, in fact, Google property searches are growing in the double digits every year. Ditto for Facebook. Most people start their initial searching on Google, even if they intend to click on the portal listing in the search results. This provides the means to identify active buyers, and also show them relevant ads within their search.

This is a confusing space and time of change, so being informed will help you make the best decision for you.  Our belief is you should own your data and digital future, and leverage your brand massively online.  If you’d like plenty of buyer and seller interest coming from your direct digital marketing presence and if you’d prefer a more flexible and effective approach – then perhaps we should talk.

Campaigntrack Advanced Internet Marketing: Your brand, your data, it’s easy 😉

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Stefan Williams

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