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Create stunning campaigns that outshine the competition and spend less time buried in paperwork.  Campaigntrack is unique in its abilities to deploy super-advanced digital marketing campaigns from the same platform that manages traditional print and other marketing and content.  Our collaboration with Google + Facebook attests the fact that we continue to lead the world in real estate marketing technology.  Our artwork/brand technology is the most advanced in the world, requiring as few as 1/10th the number of templates as any other system, generating digital ads as well as artwork for print items too, with a uniquely powerful interface that instantly updates as you type.

Free your business with software that incorporates a host of features and functions designed specifically to aid in the everyday management of real estate marketing.

Campaigntrack is designed for staff across all levels in your organisation and seamlessly integrates with all your suppliers, your CRM system and financial management tools.

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Mobile - for agents on the go

Campaigntrack provides mobile solutions to help you showcase properties to customers, manage enquiries, and qualify buyers as potential vendors.

Using mobile marketing innovations Campaigntrack can embed tracking tools into your campaigns, enabling you to see real-time performance metrics that confirm when and how buyers interact with ads.

Software for residential, commercial or property management agencies

Rollout forward-thinking marketing strategies across your branches using the Campaigntrack software and take advantage of the latest innovations in digital technologies.

Software interface for photographers, copywriters or print suppliers

Significantly reduce handling times with creative businesses and print providers by interfacing with them through our software.

Marketing suppliers can track orders, upload creative assets such as photos, copy, and floorplans, or receive auto-generated print ready artwork from you.

Software for newspapers and magazine publishers

Our software is also utilised by publishers to give clients a straightforward booking interface for placing advertisements.

Single ads, grouped advertising sections or multi-page booklets are brought together through the system, unifying branding across several different offices.

Behind the scenes

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First class customer support

Our software is supported by 400+ staff covering a comprehensive set of marketing skills and unsurpassed industry knowledge. We take pride in our ability to find solutions to any brand or marketing challenge and provide you with a VIP level of service.


Ongoing research & development

Our software is remarkably easy-to-use thanks to million dollars of investment each and every year. Continuous research and development ensure that what happens ‘under the hood’ results in an unparalleled customer experience.

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