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We will make you, your agency and property shine

At Campaigntrack our real estate photography team goes above and beyond to get the best results. Not only do we deliver beautiful, captivating images but our talented photographers will take the time to understand your campaign and the property’s unique characteristics.

World-renowned architectural photographer Scott Hargis was blown away by the lengths Campaigntrack’s photographers go to, to get the best shots.

“They were doing things I have not known anybody else to do – moving tables and sofas, straightening chairs, cushions and flowers – I couldn’t keep up with them on that,” Scott says. “I would look at a shot and say, ‘I think that’s as good as we can get it’, and they would say, ‘no, no, let’s grab the sofa from the other room and get the chairs from down the hall’, things that never occurred to me!”

Here is an outline of our property, drone and agent photography services, as well as retouching services for Australia and New Zealand’s leading agencies and agents.


We all know the power of stunning property photography, it’s the campaign component that can make or break your marketing efforts. Then there is the impact of your personal profile and branding – you need to look and feel your professional best.

Onsite our photographers are an extension of your team, we take representing your service and brand very seriously. We pride ourselves on delivering a high level of customer service and work closely with you, and the vendor if they are home, to capture the true essence of the property.


Our well-presented and experienced photographers will meet you onsite to determine the home’s finest selling points. Once the key rooms, features and angles are identified each shot will be styled appropriately for the composition.

Using top-of-the line equipment, our technically trained team take up to 28 exposures per shot. This ensures the colours and brightness are correct and provides our retouchers with enough detail to polish up images perfectly. Mobile technology facilitates onsite transfer of images to our retouching team. Final images are delivered 24 hours from your appointment.

Campaigntrack’s photography will impress potential homebuyers and vendors alike. The Campaigntrack difference? We focus on delivering high-quality images of the most important parts of the home, leaving potential buyers hungry to find out more about the property.


Campaigntrack Drones is the only Australian drone company dedicated to real estate. Convenient and cost-effective, our sophisticated drone service captures your property from unique angles and perspectives not possible until now. Easy to book, our licensed drone pilots work with you to determine the optimal shoot time for your property.

We hold public liability insurance, are up to date on current drone laws and use state-of-the-art drone technology. Campaigntrack delivers a 24-hour turnaround for high-resolution drone photography on business days.

Campaigntrack Drones 6

Imagine living here, a drone’s eye view.


Presentation is everything in this business and your personal profile pictures play a large part in how you are perceived in the market. We provide advice and guidance as to the best location, dress and pose for your photos. From individual portraits to team and office shots, our photographers will capture your professionalism and integrity. Send the right message to potential clients through strategic, on-brand marketing material.

Retouching services

By providing our 40+ team of retouchers with approximately 28 exposures per composition, we are able to enhance highlights and shadows and heighten intricate details within the home. Our retouchers go through a rigorous training program before they start with Campaigntrack and have a background in either arts or graphic design.

Technically and creatively superior, all our photos go through a stringent quality control process. We spend between 20 and 30 minutes per image using high-end monitors so we can match colours as accurately as possible. With decades of experience delivering elite real estate marketing services, Campaigntrack understands the unique demands of your agency brand and the industry at large.

For realistic, beautiful property images delivered in unbeatable turnaround times, Campaigntrack is the elite service provider.


A picturesque evening brought to life with the help of retouching.

Subtle enhancements can make a very big difference to the impact of a photo.

Subtle enhancements can make a very big difference to the impact of a photo.

Tips for the best results

When you book our photography services we provide you with a booking guide so you can best prepare for the shoot. Remember, not everything can be fixed in post production. Here are some key tips that can help you save time and money:


  1. Tidy garden areas, remove outdoor clutter and bins, clean pools and remove cars from the driveway.
  2. Clean paving, tiles and pebblecrete with a high pressure hose.
  3. Relocate pets on the day of the shoot.
  4. Ensure windows are clean so the exterior view is clear.
  5. Replace light bulbs inside and outside as this will affect day and evening shoots.
  6. Conduct a general tidy internally as well as declutter personal items. By minimising household ornaments the home will appear bigger.
  7. Remove cobwebs and dust from light fittings and clean mould where possible.

Agent profile

  1. Wear neat, clean business attire.
  2. Avoid patterns, stripes and checks in favour of simple colours.
  3. Don’t wear sunglasses or over-the-top accessories.
  4. Come groomed; shaven for men and tidy hair for women.
  5. Set aside 30 minutes with no distractions.
  6. Choose a location where you will feel comfortable.
  7. Consider your office as the conditions are easiest to manage. Outdoor locations can be rewarding but always have a contingency plan. Alternate venues may require permission.

Talk to Campaigntrack today and see the difference we can make to your real estate photography.

Fast photography facts

  • Highly experienced and professional photographers
  • 24-hour turnaround for property photos from close of appointment (business days)
  • 48-hour turnaround for profile pictures
  • Convenient booking, scheduling and approval process through Campaigntrack
  • Comprehensive quality control
  • Client feedback and amendments
  • Photos flow directly from Campaigntrack into campaigns
  • Sun calculator available
  • Competitive pricing and superior customer service
  • Free local area imagery
  • State-of-the-art drone equipment and photography
  • Standby appointments available
  • Currently available in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and other key regions along the entire East Coast.
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