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Dominate the market and propel your personal brand with video

Want to reach more vendors and buyers than ever before? The statistics prove real estate video cuts through the market clutter like no other campaign tool and will boost your profile.

Emotional connection, it is the key ingredient in any successful property campaign and the catalyst to winning more listings. Video plays an integral role in building your relationships with potential vendors and to helping emotionally connect buyers with the property you are selling.

Adopting real estate video marketing is easier than you think.

Campaigntrack’s skilled video content team are experts at producing compelling, high-quality real estate videos, within a fast turnaround time. Professional, experienced and great to work with, you will be guided through the production process by our team to deliver the best results at Campaigntrack’s competitive prices.

We offer a tailored range of real estate video options, including drone footage, to suit your individual marketing needs.

Property video
Agent profile video
Market report video
Auction video

Agent interview preparation with Campaigntrack’s production team.

Property video is a powerful tool

Research shows vendors would rather list with an agent who offers property videos than with those who don’t and potential buyers are more likely to look at listings that contain a video.

Buyers want as much information about a property as possible before they emotionally invest. There is no better way to give them that than with an intimate tour of a home – one they can revisit from anywhere, at anytime, on their mobile devices. Potential buyers will not only fall in love with the features of the home but the lifestyle it offers.

Every agent, property and campaign is unique, with this in mind you can choose from a variety of property video styles. Your options are;

Property only video

Buyers are hungry for details and this video focuses entirely on the property, intimately showcasing the home’s finest selling points. Stunning visuals, graphics and a contemporary soundtrack illustrate the home’s lifestyle. Aerial drone footage is also available.

View example property focused video

Property video – agent introduction

Adding that personal touch, you warmly introduce the property to buyers. After the home’s showcase, you once again connect with buyers through a final message and call to action.

View example agent introduces video

Property video – agent presenter

This video style combines the property showcase, agent introduction and final message with a detailed voiceover. Take the opportunity to talk buyers through the intricate details and key features of the home accompanied by visuals.

View example agent presents video

Property video – agent interview  

You may prefer to take a more relaxed and personable approach. We can create an interview-style video showcasing the property and your selling technique. In this format you hold a direct conversation with the viewer, sharing the home’s story and its defining qualities in your own words.

View example agent interview video

Property video – agent hype

High impact and high energy, a hype video is dynamic and creates marketing momentum. You will present from a range of locations throughout the home and the editing is fast-paced incorporating special effects and engaging transitions. The scene is set with an amped soundtrack.

Impress vendors with a highly professional production and slick end product.

Agent profile videos give you the competitive edge

Video is not only a powerful selling tool but the new generation of real estate leaders are harnessing the power of video to turn themselves into Attraction Agents.

You can showcase your winning track record, market knowledge and industry expertise to vendors before you’ve even met – this creates an instant rapport. Leverage video to get ahead of the real estate pack and set your personal brand apart from the rest.

Real estate success is built on relationships and your biggest asset is you. An agent profile introduces potential vendors to your personality, industry experience and selling style in a relaxed and approachable format. In conversation, you tell vendors your story and leave a lasting impression.

There are a selection of video clip styles that can be included in your agent profile video. The options are as follows;

  • Client testimonial clips
  • Personal lifestyle clip
  • Auction-in-action clip
  • Open home clip

Market reports keep you front of mind

You have spent years building up property market knowledge across the communities you serve and have first-hand exposure to each wave of the market or changing tide.

Showcase your experience and cement yourself as the community property expert by drip feeding market update videos throughout the year. These can be sent to your contact database and used to attract new vendors.

You know your patch back to front and producing a market report video showcases your industry know-how, expertise and skill. Nothing sells your services like your knowledge. Tell local buyers, vendors and investors about what is happening in the local market and about recent sales. You can do this yearly, quarterly or even monthly. Graphics and local footage will be used to illustrate your statistics.

The auction impact

Selling by auction in place of private treaty helps you close sales faster. The virtues of an auction, like the fact a vendor can gain a premium sale price, can be illustrated by showing the momentum an auction creates and the skilled sale techniques that come into play.

We produce specialised auction videos, tailored to the auction selling experience, both from the agency and auction agent’s point of view.

The Campaigntrack advantage

You can relax working with Campaigntrack’s talented and professional video production team. All you have to do is turn up, talk about the property as you would to any client and be yourself.

Speak to our team today!

Our service offering

  • Real estate video marketing specialists
  • Personalised agency/agent branding
  • 48 hour turnaround
  • Footage uploaded onsite to the editing team
  • Competitive pricing
  • Script guidance prior to filming
  • State-of-the-art videography equipment and in-field mobile upload technology
  • Aerial drones available to create a cinematic experience
  • Voice-over services available
  • Access to 20,000 local suburb clips
  • A wide range of contemporary music tracks
  • One set of complimentary editing changes
  • Automatic upload available to YouTube
  • End-to-end service through the Campaigntrack portal for ordering, calendar bookings, video proofing, approval and uploading
  • Personalised service.
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