As the stakes are raised and the challenges continue, this year’s REB Top 50 Women in Real Estate has been released.

Real estate can be a tough game, and rising to the top is not easy. The winners were chosen because of their progressive approaches, high standards, and their ongoing sales successes.  We wholeheartedly congratulate each and every one.

In light of the reveal, Campaigntrack can proudly say that 74% of these women use Campaigntrack either directly, or indirectly as an Adbuild client, to assist with their marketing.  It’s no coincidence that the majority of top performing agents and offices use the top performing marketing platform and team.

The REB Top 50 Women in Real Estate ranking has been running for the past three years, setting the benchmark standard for performance of real estate professionals across Australia, and promoting ongoing success of female agents. To be ranked within the Top 50 Women in Real Estate is the pot of gold all female professionals strive towards. Those who make the prestigious list are emulated, sought-after and held in the highest esteem, even by their aspiring competitors.

Well done, and keep on doing the good stuff. It will be next year before you blink!


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Stefan Williams

CEO of Campaigntrack, Stefan's goal is to connect real estate agencies with the industry's best marketing strategies and suppliers.