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Stamp your local footprint with magazines, brochures, mailcards and newsletters

We all know print no longer takes centre stage, but its supporting role in local area marketing is as important as ever. This steadfast medium remains a key component in today’s marketing mix, and if you disregard it – you run the risk of losing local market share.  

At a community level the distribution of printed materials achieves blanket coverage across the broadest spectrum of buyers and vendors in your market, a perspective that’s much harder to drill down to with online media.

Here’s why print materials remain a valuable weapon in your arsenal of real estate marketing tools;


Are the perfect mechanism for reaching nearby residents who are the eyes and ears on the ground for friends and relatives looking to move into the area.

Property mailcards remain the fastest and most effective tool for letting the neighbourhood know a property has just been listed, is nearing auction or has been successfully sold.

A well-designed, eye-catching mailcard, grabs attention, spreads-the-word and drives enquiries – continually building your database with contacts across your key sales area.

Real estate print mail cards Campaigntrack

Premium quality mailcards make the right impression.

Property brochures

Property brochures and A4 flyers persist as a valuable evaluation tool for interested parties, particularly when ‘short listing’ properties post inspection. They help keep the property front of mind and drive repeat visits to additional online information.

Position a property as prestige by selling its virtues through a multi-page brochure. Luxury and splendour is conveyed best with large imagery and double page spreads, just like a glossy interior magazine.

Highly versatile, brochures of all sizes are ideal for in-office displays, open homes and listing presentation packs.

Real estate print brochures campaigntrack

Showcase your property in the light it deserves with a beautifully designed brochure.


Brand magazines

Magazines distributed throughout local cafes and businesses continue to underpin your agency’s reputation as a leader within the region.

Often doubling as a lookbook for renovating or interior design ideas, they have a longer shelf life than many other print materials.

A beautifully branded magazine will highlight the breadth of properties and stature your agency holds within your community. This local area marketing not only attracts buyer attention but allures homeowners seeking a listing agent.

Real estate magazines Campaigntrack

Position your elite brand with a newsstand worthy glossy.


Newsletters are a valuable tool to position you and your agency as the local market authority. They are a great way to get your profile in front of potential vendors, helping you become a familiar and trusted face.

Connecting regularly with your target audience, about sales and market trends, new listings and community updates will steer people in your direction, for your expertise.

Real estate newsletters Campaigntrack

Keep front of mind in your local market with industry updates and community news.

So what do your marketing materials say about your brand?

Print marketing materials are tactile and non-invasive. In the hands of prospective buyers and vendors they are a tangible way to experience your brand and are easily taken home for a second review.

Marketing materials that look professional and are printed to the highest quality, reinforce the notion that you are an elite brand.

We are your brand custodians
Every piece of print collateral, from every agent across your agency or franchise, needs to reflect a consistent brand identity and live up to the same high standards.

Campaigntrack has perfected the art of large-scale print production. Our staff, in conjunction with Campaigntrack’s sophisticated online artwork templates, uphold the quality and standing of your brand.

State-of-the-art printing
Campaigntrack’s advanced printing technology makes us the leaders in colour matching and overall print quality. Our prices remain competitive by using cost-effective digital production.

Our two large-scale, 24-hour manufacturing facilities offer fast turnaround and delivery times.

We can deliver on all your printing needs, from the basics like stationery, business cards, presentation folders and calendars to something uniquely bespoke.

Real estate print technology Campaigntrack

State-of-the-art printing equipment delivers the highest quality print products.


Simply put, we simplify the process
The options available for printed promotions are almost endless.

Choosing Campaigntrack as your print partner not only gives you access to our extensive real estate knowledge but it eliminates the headache and significant time it takes to finalise formats and liaise with print factories – we do that for you.

The unique combination of our highly experienced graphic design team, sophisticated online management platform, state-of-the-art print facilities and exceptional customer service, keeps our customers coming back, time and time again.

Print production is a breeze with Campaigntrack. Contact us to discuss localised print marketing for your brand or for elite and cost-effective signboard services head here.

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Scott Anderson

As National Sales Director at Campaigntrack, Scott Anderson regularly presents clients with new marketing innovations, products, services and strategies to improve their performance and their bottom line.