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VidPak = One really really low price, two awesome videos built for posting to Social Media. One to help sell your listing, one to help get your next one...

If you were anywhere else but under a rock, you'd have heard the major AREC speakers and many super-agents also saying how important video is nowadays. Video helps sell property, and video can help you get your next listing too.

So why are videos only used on around 5% of listings?  We’ve wracked our collective gray stuff and come up with some thoughts:

1. Some Agents think video is costly, meaning they don’t often ask Vendors to pay for video
2. Video is often time-consuming for the agent, another hour or so on site
3. Most Agents don’t use video in a way that maximizes seller interest, so what’s in it for the Agent?
4. Typically more than a minute, most videos are not the ideal solution for Social Media where short-sharp and engaging is the rule

Problem, meet Solution: VidPak… For well under $200 you get a great ListVid video for helping sell your listing, and a SoldVid when the property has sold to trumpet your success & results. Better still, VidPak does not require on-site filming, has awesome editing cut to a great music track beat, and your personal brand front-and-central.  Videos are around 30 second each in length, which is made for social media engagement. The SoldVid is a remix of the ListVid produced after the sale and incorporates any noteworthy facts & comments for that sale.

We don’t suggest these videos replace a traditional video if you have the budget for one, but they are perfect for posting on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.  And of course, it’s another element of Campaigntrack’s Advanced Internet Marketing solution (AIM)!

VidPak is a no-brainer that is priced so you can comfortably put it on every vendor schedule, so no excuses…

Interested? Contact your Account Manager, call us or fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you:

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Stefan Williams

CEO of Campaigntrack, Stefan's goal is to connect real estate agencies with the industry's best marketing strategies and suppliers.