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Branded magazines are currently one of the hottest properties in real estate marketing. Here’s why.

As it becomes increasingly difficult to stand out in a crowded online market, more and more agents are including branded magazines in their marketing strategy.

According to Stefanie Mills, Portfolio Manager and Country Marketing Manager for Bayleys New Zealand, the brand’s print portfolio is a core part of the divisional marketing plans for the residential, commercial and rural teams.

“We believe printed media still plays a significant role in the real estate marketing mix with requests for hard copy magazines continuing to grow year on year,” Stefanie says.

Bayleys is not alone in its approach, the Content Marketing Institute predicted that magazines published by brands would be the top content marketing trend throughout 2015, and it seems they’re on the money as agents continue to lead the surge.

Branded real estate magazines - Campaigntrack

Bayleys’ leading property titles play a significant role in their brand and property marketing mix.


“At Bayleys our aim is to offer our clients a cost-effective, total marketing solution – combining printed distribution with electronic and online promotion to ensure maximum exposure to all key markets is achieved.”

Here’s how your agency can benefit from publishing a branded magazine:

1. Stand out from the crowd

While digital media has made it easier for buyers to browse a large volume of property listings at their leisure, it has become increasingly difficult for agents to stand out in the crowded online space.

“Over the years our national titles have developed their own brands, with many becoming the ‘go-to guide’ for those serious about purchasing particular types of property in New Zealand,” Stefanie explains. “By association Bayleys, as the overarching parent brand, now holds an exclusive position in the market.”

Creating a branded print magazine allows you to showcase your listings in an exclusive media environment without interruption from competitor listings, ads, pop-ups or other online distractions.

2. Make a stronger brand impact

“We aim to have a consistent presence in the market place across the year, so Bayleys is always top of mind with potential buyers and sellers,” Stefanie says. “Our annual marketing and content strategies work in conjunction with our magazine campaigns to achieve our top of mind objectives, with big pushes in both Autumn and Spring to coincide with key selling times.”

Publishing a branded print magazine gives you complete ownership over how your brand values are expressed. That means you can display your listings exactly as you want to without distortion from outside influences such as inappropriate newspaper or magazine advertisements or editorials placed near your listings when printed in external publications. Instead, use a branded magazine to showcase your listings in a media environment you control.

happy family reading on a cosy aftenoon

Give your customers a beautifully designed magazine they can take home and enjoy.

3. Make deeper connections with your market

Publishing additional editorial content in your magazine can help you make much deeper connections with your market. For example, publishing a luxury travel feature or local celebrity interview alongside your listings will build prestige around your brand to attract higher-value vendors, or include market reports and real estate news to appeal to investors. Done well, this can help your branded magazine become an in-demand product that your readers seek out.

“As well as profiling properties for sale, all our magazines feature forward-thinking editorial content, market information and insights meant to inspire and inform,” Stefanie says. “This helps to position Bayleys as a source of valuable information, attracting a more passive audience, as well as driving loyalty with our existing national and international client base.”

4. Reach wider audiences

Join forces with sister agencies in neighbouring territories to publish a joint magazine. Inviting multiple agencies to contribute to a branded magazine is an excellent way to share production costs, as well as providing the opportunity to expand your audience by adding their distribution networks to your own. Print magazines with high production values will also be displayed in local cafes, in reception areas of nearby businesses and on coffee tables in homes throughout your territory.

5. Make a splash online

Leading software platforms allow your print magazines to be easily repurposed as an e-magazine for online viewing. This comes with all the benefits of print publishing as discussed above, as well as bringing your content to tablets and smartphones, which enables social sharing to reach an even wider audience.

“We are continually monitoring the relevance of printed materials in a rapidly evolving digital environment, with new electronic and digital offerings included in many campaigns,” Stefanie explains.

“It’s all a matter of keeping our audience’s happy by offering them alternative formats. Overtime we will continue to adjust the balance between printed and digital products, based on feedback from our various target markets.”

Find out how Campaigntrack can help you create stunning branded real estate magazines with our re-branding services, user-friendly marketing software and state-of-the-art, in-house printing services.

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Shane Conroy

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