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The 15 benefits of using the Campaigntrack platform

Does your real estate marketing software give you access to all these features?

We have spent more than two decades developing and perfecting our marketing software solutions for real estate agencies across Australia and New Zealand.

Based on our ongoing commitment to seek out new and innovative ways to streamline the real estate marketing process – we work closely with our clients to better understand and meet their needs.

Don’t just take our word for it, grab a cup of coffee, get comfy and review the following 15-point checklist. This way you will know exactly what Campaigntrack can offer your business.

1. Manage your marketing ecosystem in one place

Used by the region’s top agencies, our software allows you to streamline your entire marketing operation, meaning your resources and energy are put to better use. A Campaigntrack account gives multiple users the power to create campaigns, manage supplier bookings, generate artwork, track orders, make media bookings and manage vendor payments. We deliver you an end-to-end solution and you decide who has access and to what extent.

2. No design experience required

Now everyone in your office can be a graphic designer with our custom-designed online templates. Even entry level staff find it easy to get their heads around Campaigntrack’s user-friendly system and training new or temporary staff takes no time at all. Campaigntrack automates all artwork creation so producing your marketing material is as easy as filling out a form.

3. Efficient template design

Your marketing budgets and campaigns can be created in seconds using online templates that have been tailored to your brand. Template revisions can be made quickly and once you have entered the campaign information it auto-populates the relevant fields. Artwork templates not only save you significant amounts of time and money but they help protect your brand as they enforce style guidelines.

Marketing software - Campaigntrack

Campaigntrack’s marketing software is designed to make your operation more cost-effective.

4. Enter data once and once only!

With Campaigntrack there’s no double handling. All your campaign details – including photos, copy, sale details and open times – can feed directly from industry CRM systems to Campaigntrack. Once uploaded it is ready and waiting for your team to create all your listing artwork, budget and media booking requirements.

5. Create vendor listing presentations for free

Before you have even agreed on a quote you can create campaign mockups for vendors. This way you have tangible design material to present to new clients, which showcase different artwork options and price points. Getting clients excited about their property campaign and involved in the design process can help you get more listings over the line.

6. Track and manage vendor paid advertising (VPA)

Campaigntrack makes it easy to track all outstanding VPA as well as agency marketing spend. Be it the office, agent or vendor contributing to the cost of the campaign – you can log when and how a payment is made, such as credit card, cheque or a future payment saved to or taken from a marketing/sales trust account.

Take advantage of our convenient campaign reporting system or if your agency is using the cloud-based accounting software Xero – we can directly integrate your finance system, automating your profit and loss and overdue payment management.

7. A one-stop shop

Whether it be property, agent or agency marketing material it can all be created and booked through our system. This includes print collateral and ads, signboards, online listings, video, photography, copywriting and much, much more.

Marketing software - Campaigntrack

The volume of campaigns your agency produces can be overwhelming, we are here to help.

8. Specify your preferred suppliers

Campaigntrack has been designed to connect with your supplier network. We slot into your existing marketing and administration ecosystem. Simply specify your preferred suppliers and they will be integrated into the system.

9. Protect your brand

When it comes to brand strength, consistency is everything. We store up to 2000 templates for some of Australia and New Zealand’s largest real estate agency groups, this gives them control over their network’s design elements and helps maintain market dominance.

10. Receive dedicated account management and support

We don’t outsource our customer care! Throughout the working week you will be talking to a permanent Campaigntrack employee who receives detailed training about your business.

11. Make deadline management easy

Never miss a deadline with Campaigntrack. Our system will keep you on top of supplier, artwork and media booking deadlines by sending you daily reports based upon pending tasks. Campaigntrack can be set to prioritise tasks in accordance with the most urgent deadlines. The software also takes into account public holidays and early closing times.

Marketing software - Campaigntrack

Don’t lose money on your listings – make sure marketing spend and VPA are closely tracked.

12. Track and record your campaign activity

You can run and print out current campaign reports and access retrospective campaign data through our system.

13. Ensure accurate pricing

We work closely with your agency to ensure pricing accuracy, this includes your agency product and service costs, supplier costs and media booking costs. By keeping an up-to-date pricing record in our system you have tighter control over your agency’s profit and loss.

14. Benefit from a secure and reliable system

Campaigntrack’s cloud-based software is available 24 hours 7 days a week. We deliver exceptional uptime – this means you’ll almost never experience an outage or crash. Additionally, our servers are housed in a bomb-proof, highly secure data centre.

15. Free marketing advice

The Campaigntrack team lives and breathes property marketing and we want to help your agency grab hold of every possible opportunity. Contact us at any time to talk about your marketing strategy or visit our blog for weekly industry insights and case studies looking into real estate marketing best practice.

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Amy Drinkwater

As the General Manager of Campaigntrack New Zealand Amy provides real estate agents and agencies around the country with new marketing innovations, strategies and products and services to improve their business.