Embracing Innovation.

Embracing Innovation.

5 ways to keep ahead of the curve as times change.

It’s certainly been a strange few months in the real estate industry – we’ve all had to adopt some new and often unconventional business practices – but throughout the lockdown period there’s been a real sense of resilience. There’s good reason to be cautious when considering how the market might move from here, but there is a proverbial silver lining to the disruption that the coronavirus pandemic has caused.

As businesses, we’ve learned a lot about our ability to adapt to changing circumstances. Industry restrictions may have forced us to rethink the way we do things, but now that we know how capable we really are, there’s an incredible opportunity to grow as brands.

So how do we thrive in this everchanging new world? Here are 5 simple tips to innovate and improve your business in the age of COVID-19:

1. Redefine the customer experience

In the real estate world, your customers are your business. They should always be your number one focus, but in the midst of a global crisis, it’s worth remembering. Current conditions won’t last forever, but how you interact with your clients during this difficult period could ensure solid relationships for years to come. The most important thing is to understand how the pandemic is affecting them – then you can provide a level of customer care that will create (or strengthen) a great sense of community.  Word of mouth is the ultimate influencer for marketing, and positive human interactions are what people like to share the most.

2. Elevate digital

Print has traditionally been the cornerstone of real estate marketing, but with many of the local newspapers closing temporarily in these challenging economic times, digital is providing new opportunities to stay ahead of the curve. Display advertising and social media channels are already powerful tools for engaging with your customers, but now is the time to take advantage of the more direct, personalised communication they allow. For those looking to trial digital or shift the focus of their marketing strategy, Campaigntrack has developed a series of affordable digital stimulus packages to help with the transition.

embracing innovation

3. Streamline your systems

Are all your internal systems in sync? Communication, collaboration and connectivity are crucial for success in an economy relying on remote working practices. The same is true of the digital technologies you use on a daily basis: having a suite of products that work together across each stage of the listing and sales process allows you to improve efficiency and facilitate growth. Campaigntrack’s powerful platform, and its exclusive integration with CampaignAgent, is an excellent starting point for streamlining your marketing process.

4. Give your team guidance

This might seem obvious, but when workplace operations change dramatically, it can be easy to overlook the simple stuff. Does everyone in your internal teams know what they’re supposed to be doing? Do they feel like they’re being involved and that their skills are being utilised? Is there a sense of fulfilment? As working from home becomes the new normal – and with the property industry’s best practices changing regularly to reflect the latest health advice – it’s good to be aware of how your team is responding to change, and it’s also a great time to see if new processes might be worth maintaining when things eventually return to normal.

5. Rest, reflect and re-evaluate

Sometimes you just need to slow things down for a moment. There are lots of opportunities to reinvent your brand right now, but while the market is flat, there’s no harm in pausing to reflect. Resting will help you come out the other side stronger. It gives you a chance to refine business plans, review current strategies, do some testing and find little ways to improve. Sometimes you have to be willing to take one step back before you can take two forward.

Yes, 2020 has been challenging so far. But it has also allowed us (well, forced us) to take another look at how we do business. A lot of new property technologies have come to the fore in recent months, highlighting not just how adaptable the industry is but also how ripe it is for further innovation. The question is, will you be ready for the inevitable change?

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