Facebook Lead Gen Ads work well, you should use them!

Facebook Lead Gen Ads work well, you should use them!

Facebook Lead Gen ads are a particular ad type in Facebook that do a great job of generating leads with contact information. Campaigntrack’s AIM supports this ad type in most packages, and they tend to generate larger numbers of enquiries – you should definitely enable them to get even better AIM results.

Why wouldn’t you? Well… the one thing that makes some Agents cautious about this ad type is that it does require Campaigntrack to have a higher level of access to your Facebook page. The reason for this is that when an ad generates a query, this is saved into your Facebook page in a hard-to-find location, and Campaigntrack extracts these leads and sends them to you like any other AIM enquiry – but we can only do this if we have Admin access. If you grant this access, then we can use this great new ad type in your campaigns and the campaigns will, simply, work better.

Why do Lead Gen Ads work well?

Its all about convenience. Since Facebook already knows your name, email and mobile, Facebook pre-fills all this in within Facebook to save the effort of a user having to do this in the website. AIM includes a ‘reason for enquiry’ mandatory question to stop accidental lead submission. The question form will be different for a For Sale property versus an Agent promotional ad, of course.
If you look at the screenshots of the ads, you can see that they look like any other Facebook ad until you click the ‘Learn More’ button and then a form within Facebook appears. The other great benefit of this ad type is that it is not hampered by Apple’s privacy settings with data sharing.
Lastly, its worth noting that after filling in the form and submitting, they also have the ability to click a button to visit the actual web page.

Which AIM types support Lead Gen ads?

All Property AIM from Reach level and above, as well as all Agent AIM subscriptions with Facebook ads – subject to Facebook Admin access being enabled.

How do you get started if you want to use this ad type?

Facebook access can be setup a number of ways. If you want to do it yourself, click here to find out how… Or.. get in touch if you are not sure if you have enabled Admin access for Campaigntrack. If you haven’t we can help set that up for you. If you are running Agent AIM subscription, and would like this ad type – let us know. Call us or email us at ct.digital@campaigntrack.com
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