A Powerful Partnership: Campaigntrack and Realhub Merge to Lead the Way to a Real Estate Technology Utopia.

A Powerful Partnership: Campaigntrack and Realhub Merge to Lead the Way to a Real Estate Technology Utopia.

​The next chapter in our Campaigntrack story.

With more than 20 years of experience providing a trusted marketing platform, the industry heavyweight Campaigntrack is starting a new chapter by joining together with the young, innovative and passionate team behind Realhub.

Committed to delivering solutions for managing successful real estate businesses across Australia and New Zealand, the industry’s two leading brands are now uniting. The aim is to create an offering that benefits the entire real estate sector, from small boutiques to major national brands.

The merger signals a new vision and future for real estate marketing. Campaigntrack is known for its advanced digital marketing solutions and high level real estate software, and Realhub for its online proposals, cutting edge automation and new technologies. Combining their innovation and future R+D roadmaps will save long learning curves and duplication of effort, while delivering better outcomes and real value to customers.

campaigntrack and realhub

“For the past 20+ years, Campaigntrack has revolutionised the real estate industry. Realhub is as passionate about real estate marketing success as Campaigntrack, so we’ve decided to partner our technology and company roadmaps with Realhub. In our 20 years, we’ve never seen anyone match our passion for ensuring our real estate clients get the very best products and services, long-term. We knew Realhub were the right choice to leverage both brands’ strengths. It is an exciting new chapter for both of us. Expect to see new technology, new product offerings and more evolution in our platforms for real estate businesses,” says Wes Wessels, Campaigntrack CEO.

The move aligns both companies in a dual brand approach under one clear strategy to make selling real estate easier and more profitable for real estate businesses, not only in the current climate, but long into the future. 

More than 3,000 agencies across Australia and New Zealand have been benefitting from the multi-faceted software solutions for years, sharing the costs of infrastructure, innovation, R&D and software development by utlising either Campaigntrack or Realhub. Now those forces are multiplied as both companies set out to consolidate their products, teams and resources to create a real estate proptech utopia.

campaigntrack and realhub

“We’re looking to automate hundreds of points of contact during a real estate transaction and truly supercharge our agents’ potential for profit and success. We knew both brands wanted to see the same success for our customers and shared goals of 100% customer satisfaction through leading technology. This move is a milestone for our business, enabling our vision for the future of real estate technology to come to fruition at a much faster pace, and we’re excited for customers to see those benefits and best in class technologies mature in the near future. This collaboration will allow us to increase the pace on technology advancements, enabling us to deliver bigger and better results to all current and future customers,says Frank Greeff, Realhub CEO.

For existing Campaigntrack and Realhub customers, it’s business as usual, with access to their preferred choice of platform maintained. Behind the scenes, the two brands have already started a deep integration with efficiencies, speed, and product offerings, leveraging the strengths of both platforms. The best features and capabilities of each platform will migrate between them, making each faster and more powerful than ever before.

Both Campaigntrack and Realhub excel in real estate software solutions and have been developing similar products for the marketplace over the last 20 years and 5 years respectively, in both Australia and New Zealand. Easy to use and packed full of features, Campaigntrack and Realhub’s full service marketing platforms connect digital, social, print, signage and content solutions to some of the industry’s strongest and most innovative real estate brands.

2 leading platforms, 1 great company

We’re working together, to make a better future for real estate.

Where we’re heading together.

This strategic decision has been made to ensure the company’s growth and technology roadmaps are integrated into one, so that we can both accelerate for years to come.

We recognised the need for maximising both strengths from both platforms. Campaigntracks Digital Marketing solutions and advanced integrations, along with Realhubs Online Proposals and new technology means we can offer one simple, yet powerful, solution to all clients in Australia and New Zealand.

Frequently asked questions

for our valued Campaigntrack customers.

Being the leader in real estate marketing software, products and services, we want to make sure you understand our continued commitment to enabling your success, improving your business workflows, and delivering the opportunities and added benefits we expect to see from this merger. 

Here are some answers to provide you with a little more information on our next steps.

We believe we can move faster and with more impact for you, by leveraging both platforms and service offerings. On a day-to-day basis, it is business as usual and we will be operating as two separate platforms.

Our merger will deliver new product offerings and capabilities on both platforms. Soon you will notice greater efficiencies and new and improved features. For now, your account remains the same, with the same service, and the same support helping you with all of your needs.

For us, it will always be about the customer. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to maintaining the quality of support you have come to expect from us, without interruption. The merge will bring a new vision, culture and future to the real estate industry, with endless possibilities. It is really exciting and we want you with us on our journey.

Both companies are market leaders, Campaigntrack excelling in Digital Marketing and Realhub excelling in business efficiency tools (i.e online proposals and integrations). Both companies were developing new technologies for our clients and had extensive roadmaps that overlapped. 

We are teaming up to ensure the industry has the very best solutions at hand. This will allow us to focus on our strengths which will inevitably speed up our ability to bring the best of all tools to our clients. From this merger, we aim to have new product offerings, improved technologies, and better capabilities to continue driving value for you and your business. You’ll notice better efficiencies and new and improved features. For now, your account remains the same, with the same service and the same people.

No, your account pricing remains determined by your existing contract terms for current products and services.

We decided to build on and leverage the strengths of  both of our businesses; Digital, Technology, Online Proposals, Workflows, Services and Innovation. We strive to enhance the user experience and improve efficiencies through groundbreaking automations, technologies and integrations. We were able to see the strengths of each business and want to bring all of these great parts of both companies to our clients. We will be able to deliver something to the market that will help our clients for years to come.

Yes, we have merged equally. This is  to ensure both sides are equally motivated to deliver our customers, teammates and shareholders the best possible outcomes.

We now have the ability to provide the best technology and innovation for the real estate industry. We can leverage all services and product offerings, making sure we are ahead of the game. This merge will allow us to increase the pace that we are able to deliver to our clients. We will continue to be a fast paced, solution based platform for all of our clients. 

Both brands will continue to exist as independent platforms, however we have already begun a deep integration of key features in both systems to be a complete solution, and a more powerful platform for our clients. 

Both brands will continue to exist as independent platforms. You’ll still receive the same system and the same services. The only difference being, you’ll now have endless possibilities from the best of both platforms.

Yes, your account daily workings and operations will not change.

No, all staff and services remain the same and we want to keep it that way.

Our long term road map has not changed, what has changed is the need to build everything twice, allowing our tech teams to focus on quality tools for you and your business.

Currently we are working to integrate the CT digital suite into Realhub, this will allow you to utilise the full power of the AIM offering. Simultaneously, Realhub are integrating proposals, workflows & digital signing into the CT System.

We often hold Superuser Workshops with clients to understand the way they work. Now we can hold these together, and work on future improvements as one. If you’d like to be included, please reach out to your Account Manager.

Our tech teams have already begun the integration of  key products on each system. Although this is not an easy task, it is one that will see a huge benefit to all of our clients. We want to ensure the user experience is seamless as you use the systems.

Please contact your account manager for more information.

We thank you for your continued support and will keep you up to date with future system enhancements as they are implemented for you.

“Working with Campaigntrack has meant we have one source of the truth and complete visibility across all sales and leasing bookings. Distinguishing Campaigntrack is their commitment to innovation and constant investment in their platform, which means we as a brand know we can offer our clients a multitude of market leading initiatives.”
Kara Philips
Commercial Director, Knight Frank
“Campaigntrack provides a robust platform that seamlessly consolidates all our marketing requirements into a single system - ultimately delivering us greater levels of efficiency and productivity. This is backed by
5-star personalised customer service thanks to their team of responsive, friendly, accommodating problem-solvers.”
Kerrie Wade
GM Marketing, Marshall White
Our office highly recommends Campaigntrack’s digital marketing! Their Google and Facebook advertising solution sets us apart from the competition and is so easy for our sales team to use. We target potential buyers whoever and wherever they ...before they are even know they were looking! We all spend so much time online nowadays that it makes sense that we target buyers there too. Thank you Campaigntrack for helping us “be seen everywhere.”
Vanessa McKenzi
Agent Licensee - Director, Ray White
“We are delighted with Campaigntrack’s signboards, delivery and service. They provide a seamless process from ordering through to delivery, that is simple, quick and effective. Their online templates make it easy to complete orders and their response time to questions is exceptional. We are so happy that we moved to Campaigntrack.”
Laura Valentine
Marketing Manager, Savills
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“Campaigntrack has enabled us to consolidate our marketing into a single system while integrating with our other platforms. This level of integration has resulted in high levels of automation, efficiency and productivity within the Di Jones group of offices. It has been a seamless experience end-to-end, delivered equally by industry-leading technology and terrific people in support. I would recommend Campaigntrack to any Real Estate office principal.”
Rob Ward
CEO, Di Jones
“We have been working with Campaigntrack for several years now. It is the best way for us to manage our property marketing. It allows our teams to easily create professional artworks with on-brand templates all from the one system. The Campaigntrack team have always gone above and beyond with anything we needed, and we could not recommend them more.”
Elizabeth Driscoll
Marketing Manager, Raine & Horne Double Bay/Bondi Beach
"Campaign Track has been a long term partner of Kay & Burton. We find their software to be efficient and effective and it allows us to focus on servicing our clients. As a premium brand in the Melbourne real estate landscape we have many unique requirements and Campaign Track has been very supportive of our needs. They have collaborated with us on many and varied solutions to difficult problems."
Justin Hodgson
Partner, General Manager – Marketing, Kay & Burton